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Tiong Bahru: A Blend of Old and New


Tiong Bahru, the oldest housing estate in singapore, is a neighborhood that showcases a unique blend of old and new. While the older generation has resided in the shophouses and flats for decades, the younger generation is drawn to Tiong Bahru for its vibrant food scene, trendy shops, and rich cultural heritage.

Steeped in History

Tiong Bahru is not just a hip neighborhood; it is also a place with a fascinating history. The name itself holds meaning – “Tiong” means “end” in the Chinese Hokkien dialect, while “bahru” means “new” in Malay. This name originated from the area’s past as a burial ground. In the 19th century, the lowlands were used for crop cultivation, while Pearl’s Hill housed a fortification for military personnel.

The neighborhood’s transformation from a swampy area to a stylish locale began in the 1930s. Some landmarks from that era, including the residential blocks, still stand today. One notable landmark is the Qi Tian Gong Temple, which is over nine decades old. This temple, also known as the Monkey God Temple, is dedicated to the main character from the Chinese literary classic, Journey to the West.

A New Lease of Life

In recent years, Tiong Bahru has undergone further gentrification, attracting a host of trendy tenants. For those looking for a quick bite and a cup of coffee, there are numerous cafes to choose from. Tiong Bahru Bakery, Flock, and Plain Vanilla are just a few establishments that offer delectable treats and a cozy ambiance.

Retail therapy enthusiasts will also find Tiong Bahru a haven for shopping. DGA Threads, a fashion boutique, offers a wide array of apparel and accessories. Music lovers can explore Curated Records, a store that specializes in vinyl records, ranging from rare vintage LPs to mainstream hits.

For those seeking a moment of tranquility, the homegrown yoga studio, Yoga Movement, provides a serene environment to unwind and practice yoga.


Tiong Bahru is a neighborhood that beautifully combines the past and the present. Its rich history, evident in the preserved landmarks, adds a touch of nostalgia to the vibrant atmosphere. The influx of trendy shops, cafes, and yoga studios has breathed new life into the area, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the historical roots of Tiong Bahru or indulging in the latest food and fashion trends, this neighborhood offers a delightful experience. So, take a stroll through the streets of Tiong Bahru and immerse yourself in its unique charm and cultural tapestry.

Address And Location:

300 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168731

300 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168731

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