Pinnacle@Duxton: A Testament to singapore‘s Innovative Urban Planning


Situated above the skyline of the neighborhood, Pinnacle@Duxton stands tall as a testament to Singapore’s innovative approach to urban planning and public housing. This iconic development, built on the site of Singapore’s oldest Housing & Development Board (HDB) blocks, not only revitalizes the area but also commemorates its historical significance. The design and construction of Pinnacle@Duxton exemplify the collaborative efforts of two local architectural firms, who successfully created simple and elegant residences using precast technology. Completed in 2009, this remarkable project showcases how HDB addresses the challenges of meeting housing needs in an urban setting, setting new records as the world’s tallest public housing development and longest sky gardens.

Revitalizing the Neighborhood

The site of Pinnacle@Duxton was once occupied by the oldest HDB blocks in Singapore. Recognizing the historical significance of the area, a design competition was held to revitalize the neighborhood while preserving its heritage. Two local architectural firms emerged victorious in the competition and joined forces to create a design that seamlessly integrates modernity with Singapore’s rich history.

The Design and Construction Process

The winning architectural firms utilized precast technology to construct Pinnacle@Duxton. This innovative construction method involves manufacturing building components off-site and assembling them on-site. Not only does this approach offer greater efficiency and precision, but it also reduces construction time and minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment.

The Impressive Skybridges

One of the most striking features of Pinnacle@Duxton is its skybridges. Linking the seven 50-storey high towers at the 26th and 50th levels, these skybridges serve as communal spaces and offer breathtaking views of the city. Each skybridge is home to a 500-meter-long sky garden, providing residents with a lush and serene environment amidst the urban landscape.

Records and Awards

Pinnacle@Duxton has set several records and garnered numerous accolades since its completion. It is recognized as the world’s tallest public housing development, showcasing Singapore’s commitment to providing high-rise living solutions. The development’s sky gardens also hold the distinction of being the longest in the world. Additionally, Pinnacle@Duxton has received prestigious awards, including the 2010 Best Tall Building Asia and Australasia award by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, as well as the President’s Design Award For Design of the Year 2010. In 2019, it received further recognition from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, winning the top place in the awards’ 10-year category for its long-term and extraordinary contributions to the urban environment.

Public Access to the Skybridge

While Pinnacle@Duxton primarily serves as residential housing, the 50th-storey skybridge is open to the public. For a nominal fee of S$6, visitors can experience the stunning panoramic views of the city from this vantage point. Whether it’s observing the cityscape during the day or marveling at the sparkling lights at night, the skybridge offers an unparalleled experience for locals and tourists alike. More information about public access to the skybridge can be found on the official Pinnacle@Duxton website.

Exploring Singapore’s Public Housing Evolution

To delve deeper into the evolution of public housing in Singapore, visitors can visit the Housing & Development Board’s LIVINGSPACE Gallery. Located at HDB Hub in Toa Payoh, this gallery provides a comprehensive overview of Singapore’s public housing journey. From its humble beginnings to the iconic developments like Pinnacle@Duxton, visitors can gain insights into how Singapore has successfully addressed its housing needs while creating sustainable and vibrant communities.


Pinnacle@Duxton stands as a symbol of Singapore’s commitment to innovative urban planning and public housing. Its towering presence and impressive skybridges not only provide residents with a comfortable living environment but also contribute to the city’s skyline. The recognition and awards garnered by Pinnacle@Duxton further validate its significance in the architectural world. With its public access to the skybridge, locals and tourists alike can appreciate the beauty of Singapore from new heights. As Singapore continues to evolve and address its housing needs, developments like Pinnacle@Duxton serve as shining examples of the city-state’s dedication to creating sustainable and livable communities.

Address And Location:

1 Cantonment Road, Singapore 080001

  • Operating Hours

    50th storey skybridge
    Daily 9am-9pm

  • 1 Cantonment Road, Singapore 080001

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