TAT highlights travel promotions for expats in Thailand

Expat Travel Deal 2020: Promoting Domestic Tourism for Expatriate Residents in Thailand


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is organizing an event called ‘Expat Travel Deal 2020’ to promote domestic tourism among expatriate residents. With the aim of encouraging expats to explore more of Thailand’s attractions, the event will showcase travel products and services from all five regions of the country. In addition to travel packages at discounted rates, attendees can also enjoy demonstrations of local arts and crafts and participate in informative talk sessions on various tourism-related topics.

Expatriate Population in Thailand

Thailand has a significant expatriate population, many of whom have strong ties to the country and express their love for Thailand and its people. As of June 2020, there are approximately 2,459,785 foreigners with permission to work in Thailand, according to the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor. This number includes skilled employees, foreign students, and individuals who have invested in the country.

The Expat Travel Deal 2020 Event

The Expat Travel Deal 2020 event will be held from 11 to 13 September 2020 at the Quartier Gallery, EmQuartier shopping mall in Bangkok. The event aims to provide expats with an opportunity to discover the amazing experiences that Thailand has to offer across every corner of the country. It is free for interested persons to attend.

Promotional Activities and Partnerships

To make the Expat Travel Deal 2020 event a success, TAT has joined hands with leading travel associations, golf courses, airlines, spas, and restaurants. These partnerships ensure that expats attending the event will have access to exclusive deals and promotions. Participating businesses include Michelin-starred restaurants like Ledu and Blue Elephant, Divana and Let’s Relax spas, and airlines such as Bangkok Airways, Thai Smile, and AirAsia.

Additionally, TAT will collaborate with an online payment platform, Alipay, to offer joint promotions. This partnership with Alipay and other Thailand-based travel companies will help attract more expats and provide them with convenient payment options.

Promoting Safety and Health

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, TAT is prioritizing the safety and well-being of travelers. Businesses participating in the Expat Travel Deal 2020 event will adhere to the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) standard. This certification ensures that these businesses have implemented necessary health and safety measures to protect their guests.

Publicity and Media Coverage

To create awareness about the event and attract expats, TAT will conduct various publicity activities. Familiarization trips will be organized for members of the foreign media and representatives of foreign travel companies in Thailand. These trips will allow them to experience firsthand the attractions and services that will be showcased at the event.

Moreover, TAT will engage in content marketing with online and offline publications targeting expats in Thailand. These publications will focus on certified businesses with the SHA standard, providing expats with information about safe and reliable options for their travels within Thailand.


The Expat Travel Deal 2020 event is an excellent opportunity for expatriate residents in Thailand to explore the country’s diverse attractions. With discounted travel packages, informative talk sessions, and demonstrations of local arts and crafts, the event promises to be an enriching experience for attendees. Through partnerships with leading businesses and travel associations, TAT aims to provide expats with exclusive deals and promotions. By prioritizing safety and health with the SHA certification, TAT ensures that expats can enjoy their travels within Thailand with peace of mind.

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