depa – TAT Joins Hand to Kick Off “Digital Tourism” Project Highlighting ThailandCONNEX, a Seamless Driver and Thriver for Thai Economy

Digital Tourism: Transforming the Thai Tourism Industry


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global tourism industry has witnessed a significant decline in travel and tourism activities. The Thai tourism sector, like many others, has been severely affected by this crisis. However, recognizing the potential of digital technology in accelerating the recovery of the industry, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) recently launched the “Digital Tourism” campaign in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). This initiative aims to promote the use of digital platforms and technology among tourism business operators, enhance their competitiveness, and revitalize the Thai tourism sector. This article delves into the details of the campaign and its potential impact on the Thai economy.

The Importance of Digital Technology in Tourism Recovery

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, digital technology has emerged as a vital tool for businesses across various sectors. In the context of the tourism industry, digital platforms and technologies offer numerous benefits, including improved business operations, increased marketing opportunities, and enhanced customer engagement. By embracing digital transformation, tourism businesses can adapt to evolving consumer behavior and preferences, streamline their operations, and unlock new avenues for growth.

Recognizing the potential of digital technology in revitalizing the Thai tourism sector, depa launched the “Digital Tourism” campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness among tourism business operators about the benefits of digital platforms and technology and encourage their widespread adoption. By leveraging the power of digital platforms, tourism businesses can enhance their competitiveness, reduce operating costs, and tap into new market opportunities.

The Role of ThailandCONNEX in Digital Tourism

One of the key components of the “Digital Tourism” campaign is the development of a national tourism platform called ThailandCONNEX. Developed in collaboration with Travizgo Technology Co., Ltd., ThailandCONNEX serves as an intermediary connecting various types of tourism business operators throughout Thailand to digital innovation and technology. This platform aims to facilitate the effective access and presentation of tourism products and services to both domestic and international tour operators.

ThailandCONNEX comprises three main parts: the National Digital Tourism Platform, the National Digital Tourism Token, and the National Digital Tourism Data Bank. The National Digital Tourism Platform acts as a Business-to-Business intermediary, enabling tourism operators to showcase their products and services to a wide range of potential customers. This platform not only increases visibility but also provides opportunities for collaboration and networking among business operators.

The National Digital Tourism Token, on the other hand, utilizes blockchain technology to create a Utility Token and Smart Contact System. This system provides travel operators with buying stimulation tools, encouraging repeat purchases and facilitating networking with other business operators.

Lastly, the National Digital Tourism Data Bank serves as an information collection and storage center. It houses data about Thai tourism business operators, tourism products and services, attractions, accommodations, restaurants, travel accessibility, and consumer behaviors. This massive data analysis enables both government agencies and private operators to develop effective strategies for product and service development.

Collaboration between depa and TAT

To ensure the success of the “Digital Tourism” campaign and the ThailandCONNEX platform, depa signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). This collaboration aims to integrate their efforts in revitalizing and strengthening the Thai tourism sector. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, depa and TAT aim to drive the country’s economy forward and create a sustainable tourism industry.

TAT plays a crucial role in the Thai tourism industry as a strategic driver. The organization prioritizes the use of digital technology to propel the industry forward, respond to changing consumer lifestyles, and encourage efficient domestic travel. With the full opening of borders in 2023, TAT is targeting 25 million international travelers to Thailand. By embracing digital technology and innovation, TAT aims to attract a larger number of tourists and boost the country’s economy.

Benefits of ThailandCONNEX for Tourism Business Operators

ThailandCONNEX offers numerous benefits for tourism business operators. By joining this platform, operators gain access to a wider customer base, both domestically and internationally. The National Digital Tourism Platform allows operators to effectively present their products and services to tour operators, increasing their visibility and potential for collaboration.

Additionally, the National Digital Tourism Token enables operators to incentivize repeat purchases and foster networking among business operators. This token, coupled with the Smart Contact System, creates a seamless and efficient transaction process for both operators and customers.

Moreover, the National Digital Tourism Data Bank provides valuable insights into consumer behaviors, allowing operators to tailor their products and services to meet customer needs. This data-driven approach enables operators to develop effective marketing strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

Collaboration with International Tourism Partners

To promote the ThailandCONNEX platform globally, depa and Travizgo Technology have collaborated with international tourism partners. This collaboration includes working with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) operating in various countries worldwide. By partnering with OTAs, Thai tourism operators gain access to a broader market and increase their chances of success on the platform.

Furthermore, depa and Travizgo Technology have planned nationwide marketing activities to create awareness about the platform. These activities aim to engage tourism business operators and encourage them to join the platform. By leveraging international partnerships and marketing initiatives, ThailandCONNEX aims to position itself as a leading platform for Thai tourism business operators.


The “Digital Tourism” campaign, initiated by depa in collaboration with TAT, marks a significant step towards the revitalization of the Thai tourism sector. By promoting the use of digital platforms and technology, this campaign aims to enhance the competitiveness of tourism business operators, increase marketing opportunities, and drive economic recovery. The development of the ThailandCONNEX platform, along with the collaboration between depa and TAT, highlights the commitment of both organizations to leverage digital technology for the benefit of the Thai economy and society. With its comprehensive features and benefits, ThailandCONNEX has the potential to transform the Thai tourism industry, create a sustainable ecosystem, and position Thailand as a leading destination in the digital age.

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