TAT Contact Center Goes on Line @tatcontactcenter. Add a Friend Today & Win a Stay at Hotels Around Thailand This July – September.

Heading 2: The TAT Contact Center Launches Line Official Account

The TAT Contact Center has recently launched its Line Official Account, @tatcontactcenter, to provide tourists with another channel to inquire about travel information in both the Thai and English languages. This new platform aims to offer a convenient and functional way for tourists to access interactive travel information, ensuring a seamless experience for travelers.

Heading 3: Recommended Tourist Attractions Throughout Thailand

One of the key features of the Line Official Account is the provision of recommended tourist attractions throughout Thailand. Travelers can easily browse through a comprehensive list of attractions in various provinces, allowing them to plan their itineraries more efficiently. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene beaches of Phuket, this platform offers a wide range of options to cater to different interests and preferences.

Heading 3: Safety and Health Certification for Operators

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the safety and health of travelers has become a top priority. The Line Official Account includes a list of operators who have obtained the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) certification. This certification guarantees that these operators have implemented strict health and safety measures to protect tourists during their travels. By choosing operators with the SHA certification, tourists can have peace of mind knowing that their well-being is prioritized.

Heading 3: Downloadable E-Brochures and Guidebooks

To further enhance the travel experience, the Line Official Account offers downloadable e-brochures featuring maps and guidebooks of must-visit attractions and restaurants around Thailand. These resources provide detailed information about popular destinations, including recommended activities, local cuisine, and transportation options. Travelers can conveniently access these materials on their mobile devices, allowing them to plan their trips on the go.

Heading 3: Updates on Thai Travel News and Activities

Staying informed about the latest travel news and activities is crucial for tourists. The Line Official Account provides regular updates on Thai travel news and activities sourced from Facebook. By following the TAT Contact Center on Facebook, travelers can stay updated on upcoming events, festivals, and promotions happening in Thailand. This feature ensures that tourists are well-informed and can make the most out of their visit to the country.

Heading 3: Direct Inquiry with the TAT Contact Center

Another valuable feature of the Line Official Account is the ability to directly inquire about travel information with the TAT Contact Center through the Line chat box. This allows tourists to ask specific questions and receive prompt assistance from knowledgeable staff. Whether it’s regarding visa requirements, transportation options, or accommodation recommendations, travelers can rely on the expertise of the TAT Contact Center to provide accurate and helpful information.

Heading 2: Add a Friend Today & Win a Free Stay Campaign

To celebrate the launch of the Line Official Account, the TAT Contact Center has introduced the “Add a Friend Today & Win a Free Stay” campaign. This exciting campaign invites all tourists to participate and have a chance to win a hotel package worth up to 10,000 THB in six provinces around Thailand. The selected provinces, including Kanchanaburi, Phang Nga, Trat, Nan, Loei, and Nakhon Phanom, cater to various types of tourists, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Heading 3: Fascinating Destinations for All Types of Tourists

The six provinces chosen for the campaign offer a diverse range of attractions that appeal to different types of tourists. Adventure seekers can explore the historical sites and natural wonders of Kanchanaburi, while beachgoers can indulge in the pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters of Phang Nga. Nature lovers can immerse themselves in the tranquil landscapes of Nan and Loei, while cultural explorers can discover the rich heritage and traditions of Nakhon Phanom.

Heading 3: How to Participate in the Campaign

Participating in the campaign is simple. Tourists can either scan the QR Code or add @tatcontactcenter as a friend on the Line application. Once added, they can participate in a game for a chance to win a hotel package worth up to 10,000 THB. The campaign runs from July to September 2020, giving travelers ample time to join and potentially win a free stay in one of the selected provinces.

In conclusion, the TAT Contact Center’s Line Official Account offers tourists a convenient and interactive platform to access travel information in both Thai and English languages. With features such as recommended tourist attractions, safety and health certification for operators, downloadable e-brochures, updates on travel news and activities, and direct inquiry with the TAT Contact Center, travelers can enjoy a seamless and well-informed travel experience. Furthermore, the “Add a Friend Today & Win a Free Stay” campaign adds an exciting element to the launch, giving tourists the opportunity to win a hotel package in six captivating provinces around Thailand. By utilizing this Line Official Account, tourists can enhance their travel planning and make the most out of their visit to Thailand.

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