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Finding child-friendly activities in a foreign country can be quite difficult, especially if you have more than one child with different desires. However, KidZania in Tokyo offers a perfect solution for families with children between the ages of 3 and 15. With a wide range of hands-on activities and a kid-sized city to explore, KidZania provides a unique and educational experience for children. In this article, we will explore the various attractions and activities available at KidZania, how to get there, and what makes it a must-visit destination for families.

Quick Facts:
Before delving into the details, let’s start with some quick facts about KidZania:

1. On Wednesdays, more than half of the activities at KidZania are conducted in English. This is great news for international visitors who may not be fluent in Japanese.

2. KidZania japan has another facility called KidZania Koshien, which is located near Osaka. So, if you’re visiting the Osaka area, you can also enjoy the KidZania experience there.

3. KidZania was created and developed by a Mexican entrepreneur. It has now become a global phenomenon with locations in various countries around the world.

How to Get There:
KidZania Tokyo is easily accessible by train or bus from central Tokyo. If you’re traveling by train, the closest station is Toyosu Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Yurikamome lines. From there, it’s just an eight-minute walk to KidZania. Additionally, several bus lines run to the Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu shopping mall, where KidZania is located. You can also take the Aquatic Bus from Odaiba and Asakusa, adding a unique and fun element to your journey.

A kid-sized city:
KidZania is like a miniaturized town, scaled down to two-thirds the size of the real world. It’s designed to resemble a real city, complete with buildings, streets, and various establishments. There are 60 different establishments within KidZania, offering around 100 different roles for kids to explore. From being a police officer to a dentist, from a firefighter to a pizza maker, children can choose from a wide variety of activities that suit their interests.

The main goal of KidZania is to provide children with an opportunity to develop social skills and an understanding of monetary value. By participating in different activities, children learn about responsibility, teamwork, and the importance of money management. Each activity is designed to be hands-on and interactive, allowing children to immerse themselves in a role-play experience.

A wide variety of activities:
KidZania offers an extensive range of activities for children to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular activities available:

1. Investigating crimes as a police officer: Children can step into the shoes of a police officer and solve crimes. They will learn about law enforcement, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

2. Scaling buildings as maintenance staff: In this activity, children can experience what it’s like to be part of a maintenance team. They will learn about building structures, safety precautions, and the importance of regular maintenance.

3. Giving dental treatment as a dentist: Kids who are interested in the medical field can try their hand at being a dentist. They will learn about oral hygiene, dental procedures, and the importance of taking care of their teeth.

4. Putting out fires as a firefighter: This activity allows children to experience the thrilling world of firefighting. They will learn about fire safety, emergency response, and the importance of teamwork in critical situations.

5. Making pizza at the pizza shop: For kids who love cooking, the pizza shop activity is a perfect choice. Children will learn how to make pizza from scratch, including kneading the dough, adding toppings, and baking it in a real oven.

6. Planning and developing dairy products at the Milk House: This activity introduces children to the world of dairy production. They will learn about the process of making dairy products and the importance of quality control.

What sets KidZania apart from other amusement parks is that children can keep whatever they make during the activities. Whether it’s a handmade pizza or a dairy product, they can take it home or even enjoy it within the KidZania premises. Furthermore, children are paid in kidZos, the official currency of KidZania, for their participation in activities. They can then use these kidZos to purchase products and services within KidZania, further enhancing their understanding of money management.

For adults:
While children are busy exploring and participating in activities, adults can take a back seat and relax. Adults are not allowed in most of the establishments, except for special areas like the Courthouse. However, parents can still monitor their children’s progress through CCTV or windows provided in each establishment. There is also a Parent’s Lounge where adults can unwind and wait for their children to finish their activities.

Business hours:
KidZania operates on a two-shift system. The first shift runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the second shift operates from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. This allows for flexibility in planning your visit. If you prefer a morning visit, you can register for the first shift. Alternatively, if you have other morning plans, you can opt for the second shift and register later in the day.

KidZania Tokyo is a must-visit destination for families with children. With its wide range of activities, immersive role-play experiences, and educational value, KidZania offers a unique and enjoyable experience for children of all ages. Whether you’re interested in law enforcement, cooking, or exploring different professions, KidZania has something to offer for everyone. So, if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, make sure to include KidZania on your itinerary. It’s an opportunity for children to have fun, learn valuable life skills, and create lasting memories.

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Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu 1 North Port 3F, 2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo-to

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