So much to see at this Japanese and American Naval Base

Yokosuka, a coastal community located across the bay from Tokyo and Yokohama, has a rich history and is now home to a large naval base for both the Japanese and American fleets. This bustling city offers a wide range of attractions, shopping arcades, and cultural experiences that are worth exploring.

Don’t Miss

One of the highlights of visiting Yokosuka is taking the Naval port cruise, which takes you on a journey past Japanese and American ships of all shapes and sizes. It’s a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these impressive vessels and learn more about naval operations.

Another must-visit attraction is Mikasa Park, where you can explore the 19th-century battleship Mikasa. This historic ship was once the flagship of Admiral Togo during the Russo-Japanese war and now serves as a museum. It’s a fascinating glimpse into japan‘s naval history and a chance to see the well-preserved artifacts and exhibits.

If you’re in the mood for some shopping and dining, Yokosuka’s shopping arcades, including Dobuita Street, are a great place to visit. Here, you’ll find a mix of Japanese and American influences, with pubs and restaurants that offer American cuisine alongside traditional Japanese dishes. It’s a vibrant and lively area that caters to sailors on shore leave and offers a unique cultural experience.

How to Get There

Getting to Yokosuka is easy and convenient. It’s just a one-hour direct train ride from Tokyo and only 30 minutes from Yokohama. The JR Yokosuka Line and Keikyu Line both run from Shinagawa to Yokosuka, while the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line operates from Shinjuku and Shibuya. All routes take approximately one hour. Once you arrive, the JR station is a short walk from the center of Yokosuka, while the Keikyu Line station is more centrally located.

Sailor’s Delight

Yokosuka has long been a popular destination for sailors on shore leave, and it continues to offer a wide range of entertainment and shopping options. The city is known for its arcades, where you can find various forms of entertainment, including game centers, karaoke, and movie theaters. Dobuita Street, in particular, is a lively and bustling area with a mix of shops, pubs, and restaurants. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

A Different Kind of Cruise

One of the unique experiences in Yokosuka is taking the Yokosuka Naval Port cruise. This 45-minute boat ride takes you around the calm waters of the Japanese and American Naval base, offering an up-close view of various ships, including submarines, support craft, and massive aircraft carriers. The cruise also provides stunning views of the hills surrounding the port. Although the guide speaks only Japanese, the sights themselves are self-explanatory and don’t require much explanation.

Pay a Visit to Verny Park

If you prefer to explore the port from land, Verny Park is a great place to visit. Named after a Frenchman who played a significant role in Japan’s steel industry, the park offers a beautiful waterfront stroll and breathtaking views of Tokyo Bay. During the rose blossoming season, the park is especially enchanting, with the scent of countless blooming flowers filling the air. It’s a peaceful and tranquil retreat from the bustling city.

A Moth-Balled Heroine

For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Japanese battleship Mikasa is a must. Once the flagship of Admiral Togo, this battleship played a crucial role in the Russo-Japanese war. Today, it’s a museum that offers a glimpse into its glorious days as part of a powerful fleet. The museum provides a wealth of exhibits, and some parts of the tour are available in English, making it accessible to international visitors.

Explore the Local Art

If you have an interest in art, be sure to visit the Yokosuka Museum of Art. Located not far from the coast road, this museum offers a diverse range of exhibitions, showcasing both local and international artists. In addition to the impressive art collection, the museum boasts a spectacular view of Tokyo Bay and the busy ship traffic passing by. It’s a great place to appreciate art while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area.

Naval Grub

Yokosuka is known for its unique dining options, particularly the “Navy burger” and “Navy curry.” The Navy burger is a hearty and satisfying meal that pays homage to American appetites, while Navy curry is a staple in the Japanese navy. You’ll find restaurants specializing in these dishes throughout the city, offering a taste of both Japanese and American culinary traditions. Additionally, you can find packs of take-home versions of various Navy curry flavors sold in local shops, allowing you to enjoy this delicious dish wherever you go.

Memorial to an Adventurer

For a dose of history, consider making the climb from Yokosuka to the memorial of William Adams. This English navigator was stranded in Japan in 1600 and went on to become an advisor to the shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa. He was the first Westerner to be made a samurai and was given a fiefdom in the Yokosuka area. The memorial is a quiet and off-the-beaten-track destination that offers a glimpse into Adams’ fascinating life and his contributions to Japan. Fans of the novel “Shogun” by James Clavell will find the visit particularly intriguing, as it was loosely based on Adams’ experiences in Japan.

In conclusion, Yokosuka is a fascinating destination that offers a unique blend of Japanese and American influences. From its naval base to its shopping arcades and cultural attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or simply exploring the local cuisine, Yokosuka has it all. So why not plan a visit and experience the charm and excitement of this coastal city for yourself?

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