National Design Centre

Heading 2: The National Design Centre – A Hub of Design Exhibitions and Learning

The National Design Centre (NDC) is a remarkable institution that offers a wide range of design exhibitions, learning opportunities, and valuable resources for design enthusiasts. Situated in singapore, this treasure trove of design is sure to inspire anyone with an interest in the field. Whether you are a seasoned designer or simply a casual observer, the NDC has something to offer for everyone.

One of the primary reasons to visit the NDC is to explore the various exhibitions on display. These exhibitions showcase the latest trends and innovations in design, featuring works of renowned designers from both Singapore and around the world. From furniture design to fashion, the NDC covers a broad spectrum of design disciplines, ensuring that visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

In addition to exhibitions, the NDC also hosts seminars and workshops on a regular basis. These events provide invaluable insights into how design can transform businesses and industries. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to leverage design for your company or a student eager to learn more about the practical applications of design, the NDC’s seminars and workshops are a must-attend.

What sets the NDC apart is its commitment to nurturing young minds. The center offers a range of programs and events specifically designed for children. These events aim to challenge their senses and ignite their curiosity, making learning a fun and interactive experience. By engaging children at a young age, the NDC aims to foster a new generation of designers who can shape the future of the industry.

Heading 2: The History and Architecture of the National Design Centre

The NDC is housed in the historic premises of the former St. Anthony’s Convent, which adds to its charm and character. The center is a beautiful amalgamation of restored pre-war Art Deco blocks and a post-war Modern block. The restoration and adaptive re-use of these buildings have ensured that the NDC maintains its historical integrity while providing a modern and functional space for design enthusiasts.

The NDC’s architecture is a testament to Singapore’s commitment to preserving its heritage. The conservation of the buildings showcases the city-state’s dedication to honoring its past while embracing the future. The juxtaposition of old and new creates a unique atmosphere within the NDC, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in both the rich history and the cutting-edge design of Singapore.

Heading 2: DesignSingapore Council – Promoting Design for Innovation and Growth

The NDC is also home to the DesignSingapore Council, the national agency for design. The Council plays a crucial role in developing the design sector in Singapore and harnessing design for innovation and growth. Through various initiatives and programs, the Council supports local designers, promotes design thinking, and facilitates collaborations between designers and businesses.

One of the Council’s key objectives is to position Singapore as a global design hub. By nurturing local talent and attracting international designers, the Council aims to establish Singapore as a center of excellence in design. This vision is reflected in the NDC’s exhibitions and events, which showcase the best of Singaporean design alongside international works.

Heading 2: Stylish Shopping at the NDC

If you are looking to indulge in good design, a visit to kapok NDC is highly recommended. As an offshoot of the renowned Hong Kong-based cult lifestyle and design boutique, kapok NDC offers a curated selection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories from Singapore and around the world. With its 2,300-square-foot store, kapok NDC provides a unique shopping experience for design enthusiasts.

After an exciting shopping session, you can rest your legs at Tanuki Raw, a Japanese-inspired restaurant located within the NDC. Tanuki Raw offers a range of refreshing cocktails and hearty rice bowls, making it the perfect place to unwind and recharge after exploring the world of design.


The National Design Centre is a true gem in Singapore’s design landscape. With its diverse range of exhibitions, educational programs, and resources, the NDC offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for design enthusiasts of all levels. From its historical architecture to its commitment to nurturing young talent, the NDC embodies Singapore’s dedication to design excellence. Whether you are a design professional, a student, or simply someone with a passion for creativity, a visit to the NDC is a must.

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111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969

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