Kyoto International Manga Museum

japan‘s Manga Mecca, for Kids Big and Small

The Kyoto International Manga Museum is a must-visit destination for every fan of Japanese comics. It is the world’s first comprehensive manga museum dedicated to showcasing and preserving the art form. With a vast collection of manga, exhibitions on the history of manga, and various activities for both children and adults, this museum offers an immersive experience into the world of Japanese manga.

A Huge Collection:
Housed in a former elementary school, the Kyoto International Manga Museum boasts an impressive collection of about 300,000 different manga. As you enter the museum, you will be surrounded by the colorful and vibrant world of manga. The collection includes manga from various genres, ranging from fantasy and adventure to romance and slice-of-life. Whether you are a long-time manga enthusiast or new to the art form, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Perusing the collection inside the museum is a delight, but you can also take a few manga volumes into the courtyard outside and enjoy reading them on the lovely grass square. The museum’s grounds provide a serene and peaceful environment, perfect for diving into the captivating stories and illustrations found in manga.

International Manga:
While most of the displays and literature in the museum are in Japanese, there is a growing international section that offers manga in English and other languages. This section allows visitors from around the world to explore and appreciate manga without language barriers. It is a testament to the global popularity and influence of Japanese manga.

Additionally, the museum regularly features exhibits of manga by international authors and hosts talks by renowned manga artists from different countries. These events provide a unique opportunity to gain insights into the diverse perspectives and styles of manga creators worldwide.

Something for the Real Kids as Well:
The Kyoto International Manga Museum is not only a place for adult manga enthusiasts but also caters to younger visitors. The museum has a special children’s library, filled with age-appropriate manga and books. It is a fantastic resource for children to discover the joy of reading and immerse themselves in captivating stories.

One of the highlights for kids at the museum is the periodic performances of kamishibai, a traditional Japanese art form that combines storytelling with large illustrations. Many famous manga artists started their careers by creating kamishibai stories, making it an essential part of manga history. These performances engage children and allow them to experience the magic of storytelling in a unique and interactive way.

Workshops and Classes:
The Kyoto International Manga Museum offers various workshops and classes for manga enthusiasts of all ages. These include drawing classes, advanced workshops (with application requirements), and even international conferences. The museum aims to foster creativity and provide opportunities for manga enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills.

Attending a drawing class or workshop at the museum allows participants to learn from experienced manga artists and gain valuable insights into the techniques and processes involved in creating manga. It is a hands-on experience that enables participants to unleash their creativity and express themselves through the art form.

How to Get There:
The Manga Museum is conveniently located and easily accessible by subway. From Kyoto Station, take the Karasuma subway line to Karasuma-Oike Station. It’s just a two-minute walk from there. The museum’s central location makes it a convenient stop for tourists exploring Kyoto’s other attractions.

The Kyoto International Manga Museum is a paradise for manga lovers of all ages. With its vast collection, exhibitions on manga history, and diverse activities, it offers a comprehensive and immersive experience into the world of Japanese manga. Whether you are a fan of classic manga or interested in exploring the latest international releases, this museum has something to offer everyone. Plan a visit to the Kyoto International Manga Museum and embark on a journey through the captivating and visually stunning world of manga.

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Kinbuki-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

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