A beautiful hot spring town nestled on a hillside

Gora is a stunning hot spring town located in Hakone, japan. It is a relatively newly developed area that was once nothing more than a barren wasteland filled with rocks. However, in the early 1900s, the area underwent a transformation and became a famous hot spring town. The name “Gora” is said to come from the rocks that resemble tortoise shells, or “kora” in Japanese.

How to Get There

Gora is easily accessible from Tokyo. To reach Gora from Tokyo, one can take the JR Tokaido Line from Tokyo Station to Odawara Station. The journey takes approximately 80 minutes on the local train. From Odawara Station, Gora Station can be reached in another hour via the Hakone Tozan Railway.

Hakone Gora Hot Spring

Gora is known for its hot springs, and the Hakone Gora Hot Spring is the final stop on the Hakone Tozan Railway. It is considered one of the best hot springs in the area due to the variety of spring waters available. Each hot spring has different colors and effects, providing visitors with a unique and relaxing experience. There are five different kinds of hot springs to enjoy in Hakone Gora Hot Spring.

Gora Park

Aside from the hot springs, Gora also offers other attractions for visitors to enjoy. One of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Gora is Gora Park. This French-style park is located close to Gora Station and features various attractions such as fountains, rose gardens, three greenhouses, and a teahouse. Visitors can also try their hand at glass blowing and pottery in the craft house located within the park.

Gora Park is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the town, offering a tranquil and peaceful environment. The park is meticulously maintained, with vibrant flowers and lush greenery. It is a perfect place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic with family and friends.

The park’s main highlight is its stunning rose garden, which is home to a wide variety of roses in different colors and sizes. Visitors can admire the beauty and fragrance of the roses while taking a leisurely walk along the garden paths. There are also benches scattered throughout the garden, providing a perfect spot to sit and relax while enjoying the view.

In addition to the rose garden, Gora Park also boasts three greenhouses that house various plant species. These greenhouses provide an opportunity for visitors to learn more about different types of plants and their unique characteristics. The greenhouses are well-maintained and offer a vibrant and colorful display of flowers and plants.

For those interested in traditional Japanese culture, Gora Park also has a teahouse where visitors can experience a traditional tea ceremony. The teahouse offers a serene and peaceful ambiance, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the calmness of the surroundings while enjoying a cup of matcha tea.

Another unique feature of Gora Park is the craft house, where visitors can try their hand at glass blowing and pottery. Under the guidance of skilled craftsmen, visitors can create their own unique glassware or pottery pieces. It is a great opportunity to unleash one’s creativity and take home a personalized souvenir from Gora.

Overall, Gora Park is a must-visit destination in Gora. It offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences, making it an ideal place for relaxation and exploration.


Gora is a beautiful hot spring town nestled on a hillside in Hakone, Japan. It has transformed from a barren wasteland to a famous hot spring town, attracting visitors from near and far. Gora offers a variety of attractions, including the Hakone Gora Hot Spring with its different spring waters, Gora Park with its stunning rose gardens and greenhouses, and the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture through tea ceremonies and craft activities.

A visit to Gora is a rejuvenating experience, allowing visitors to unwind and immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquility of the town. Whether it’s soaking in the healing waters of the hot springs or strolling through the vibrant gardens of Gora Park, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this charming hot spring town.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway, Gora is the perfect destination. With its picturesque surroundings, soothing hot springs, and cultural experiences, it promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who visit. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Gora.

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Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken

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