Daikon Island (Daikonjima)

A Beautiful Garden in the Middle of a Lagoon with 250 Varieties of Peonies and Ginseng

Daikon Island, located in the middle of the Nakaumi Lagoon, is renowned for its picturesque beauty and the enchanting Yushien Garden. This garden is famous for its stunning display of peonies and ginseng, offering visitors a unique experience surrounded by natural wonders. In this article, we will explore the captivating beauty of Daikon Island and the remarkable features of Yushien Garden. From the history behind the island’s name to the breathtaking displays of flowers, we will delve into the many attractions and activities that make Daikon Island a must-visit destination.

How to Get There
To reach Daikon Island, one can take the Matsue City Bus from Matsue Station, which will take approximately 50 minutes. The journey to the island is an opportunity to appreciate the scenic surroundings and build anticipation for the wonders that lie ahead.

The Origin of Daikon Island’s Name
Legend has it that the islanders named the island Daikonjima, which translates to “Radish Island,” as a deterrent to outsiders who may have been tempted to raid their precious ginseng crops. In addition to cultivating ginseng, the islanders also started growing peonies to supplement their income. Thus, the name Daikonjima came to be associated with the island’s rich agricultural heritage.

Beautiful Displays of Flowers
Yushien Garden, spanning over 30,000 square meters, is a sprawling strolling garden that offers visitors a feast for the senses. With its meticulously designed ponds, bridges, and teahouses, the garden provides a serene and tranquil environment. Each season brings a different spectacle of flowers and foliage, including azaleas, peonies, rhododendrons, and irises. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom, creating a breathtaking sight. Summer brings forth the vibrant colors of hydrangeas and water lilies. Notably, the garden also boasts a large indoor area where peonies bloom all year round, ensuring visitors can enjoy their beauty regardless of the season.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy the Views
At Yushien Garden, visitors have the opportunity to indulge in delicious local cuisine at one of the four unique restaurants. Each restaurant offers its own seasonal views, allowing guests to enjoy a meal while immersing themselves in the natural surroundings. Among these establishments, the Ichibo Teahouse stands out with its expansive picture windows offering panoramic views of the white sand and pine garden reflected in the pond. At certain times throughout the year, the garden remains open after dark, providing visitors with the chance to marvel at the illuminated views, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, the garden’s gift shop offers a range of products made from ginseng, allowing visitors to take home a piece of this extraordinary island.

Daikon Island and Yushien Garden are truly a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the island’s intriguing history to the mesmerizing displays of flowers in the garden, this destination offers an unforgettable experience. Whether strolling through the garden’s pathways, savoring local delicacies, or simply relishing the tranquil ambiance, Daikon Island and Yushien Garden provide an oasis of serenity. Plan your visit to this enchanting island and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and the captivating allure of peonies and ginseng.

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Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken

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