Chichijima Island

Watch whales, hit the beach, and admire the stars on Chichijima

Chichijima is a stunning island located in the Ogasawara archipelago, blessed with rich plant and wildlife. It is a registered UNESCO Natural World Heritage site and offers a range of activities for nature enthusiasts. From whale-watching tours to exploring beautiful beaches and stargazing, Chichijima is a paradise for those seeking a unique and memorable experience. In this article, we will delve into the various attractions and activities that make Chichijima a must-visit destination.

Don’t Miss:
1. Taking a whale-watching tour:
Chichijima is renowned for its whale-watching opportunities. From the viewing platform overlooking the vast ocean, visitors can witness the majestic humpback whales from February to March and sperm whales from May to November. The B-Ship near Futami Port is the perfect place to make reservations for these outdoor activities.

2. Swimming around a sunken wreck off Sakaiura Beach:
For those who love underwater adventures, swimming around the sunken wreck of the Hinko-maru is a must-try experience. This Japanese ship was sunk just off the west coast of the island during World War II. Sakaiura Beach is the ideal spot for snorkeling and exploring the fascinating marine life surrounding the wreck.

3. Enjoying the many hiking trails around the island:
Chichijima is a haven for hikers, with numerous trails offering breathtaking views of the island’s landscapes. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, there are options for all fitness levels. The island’s diverse flora and fauna make every hiking experience an unforgettable one.

Quick Facts:
1. Whale-watching opportunities:
Chichijima provides plenty of opportunities to spot whales, thanks to its strategic location. The viewing platform overlooking the vast ocean offers a perfect vantage point for whale sightings.

2. Island size:
Chichijima is the second largest island in the Ogasawara archipelago, making it an ideal destination for exploration and adventure.

3. Major village:
Despite its size, Chichijima has only one major village. This adds to the island’s charm, as it maintains a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere.

How to Get There:
The best way to access Chichijima is by taking a direct ferry from Tokyo. The Ogasawara-maru Ferry departs from Takeshiba Pier and takes approximately 24 hours to reach the island. Along the way, visitors will pass the Izu islands before arriving at Chichijima the following day.

Go stargazing:
One of the highlights of visiting Chichijima is the opportunity to witness the breathtaking night sky. Thanks to its remote location, the island is free from light pollution, offering an unobstructed view of the stars. For an even more immersive experience, head to the Weather Station Observatory in the northwest of the island.

Whale watching galore:
Chichijima is a paradise for whale enthusiasts. From February to March, humpback whales can be spotted in the surrounding waters. From May to November, visitors have the chance to witness the grandeur of sperm whales. The B-Ship near Futami Port is the designated location for booking whale-watching tours.

Meet the friendly local dolphins:
Apart from whales, Chichijima is also home to a vibrant population of dolphins. Visitors can catch a boat tour to see these playful creatures in their natural habitat. Dolphins are known to approach boats, creating a memorable and interactive experience.

Beaches and watersports:
Chichijima boasts stunning white, sandy beaches that offer plenty of excitement. Miyanohama and Tsurihama, located on the north side of the island, are popular spots for snorkeling. Visitors can enjoy the crystal-clear waters and marvel at the vibrant marine life. Additionally, Sakaiura Beach, situated on the west coast, allows swimmers to explore the submerged shipwreck of the Hinko-maru. The beach is also a hub for various water sports, including sea kayaking, fishing, and surfing.

Chichijima is a destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and adventure. From whale-watching tours to exploring stunning beaches and stargazing, this island has something for everyone. Its rich plant and wildlife, along with the UNESCO World Heritage site designation, make Chichijima a must-visit location. Whether you’re a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, Chichijima promises an unforgettable experience. Plan your trip to this hidden gem and immerse yourself in the beauty of Chichijima.

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