Wow, Hong Kong has the world's longest escalator, you know!

Travel Blog Indonesia – You must be familiar with listening to the escalator. This staircase always makes it easier for us to climb to a higher place. But you know what? If it turned out that in Hong Kong there were extraordinary escalators, of course it would be very different from the escalators that we have often seen and used before.

Hong Kong has the longest escalator in the World, you know! Hong Kong is the first and only one in the world to have an escalator outdoor 800 meters long!

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Escalator  - Wow, Hong Kong has the world's longest escalator, you know!
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Escalator outdoor the world’s longest named Central-Mid-Levels-Escalator. Escalators connecting between Central District and Western Districtthese are both located in the city Hong Kong. The height that reaches 135 meters has been calculated from the bottom to the top.

The escalator, which was built in 1993, was deliberately made to facilitate mobility for local residents and tourists visiting Hong Kong. Not only that, but this escalator has also become the center of attention of many tourists because of its very different shape and unusual length.

HK Central Mid Levels Escalators Again 4 evanchakroff - Wow, Hong Kong has the world's longest escalator, you know!
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Central-Mid-Levels Escalator which is divided into 20 escalators and 3 moving walkway, are already connected to each other. Along its path, this escalator has 14 entrances and exits that tourists can use. Because of the length of this escalator, it took 20 minutes for the participants traveler finish the escalator from the bottom to the very top.

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The bottom entrance of the escalator is located at 100 Queen’s Road Central. Every day, this escalator is used by around 6,000 users. This escalator is also very useful for tourists who come to Hong Kong, because it connects the Central District which is full of tourist attractions with the Western District which has a calmer atmosphere, and makes it easier for tourists when in Hong Kong.

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This escalator ends at Conduit Road, the very top of the Western District. It turns out that this escalator is not only one direction, but has two different directions, which go from above and to the bottom.

At 06.00-10.00 local time, every day this escalator will move down as local residents rush to their offices in the Central area. Instead, starting at 10.15 local time, the escalator will move up in the opposite direction until midnight. So it makes it easier for local residents to carry out their activities, you know! Is it fun?

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