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One of the cities in Sumatra, namely the city of Lampung, is known for its various flavored banana chips. Not only that, Lampung is also known for its Way Kambas tourist attraction which is always crowded with visitors. Not being satisfied with that, Lampung is expanding in the world of tourism by developing beach tourism objects.

One of the famous beaches in Lampung City is White Sand Beach, which is located in the southern part of Lampung. This beach presents a charming panorama because of the soft and clean white sand. White Sand Beach is located right in Ranggai Tri Tunggal, Katibung which is actually closer to Java Island.

Entrance ticket prices at White Sand Beach

For traveler Ticket prices are the main thing to think about because this is related to how much money you have to bring. If you are interested in coming to White Sand Beach, prepare a fee of IDR 20,000 per person to pay for the entrance ticket. Entrance tickets will be cheaper if you come as a group by car or tour bus.

The rate you pay for the entrance ticket includes the fee to pay for parking so there is no need to make another payment. The rates that are set are indeed a little expensive than the rates usually set by other beach tourism objects. However, the rate you pay will be in accordance with the facilities and also the view that will be obtained.

The Lampung City Government is indeed aggressively promoting its tourism, especially marine tourism objects such as beaches, White Sand Beach is one of them. Existing facilities on this beach are quite adequate including toilets, showers, restaurants and beach equipment rental. Rented beach tools are like tools snorkeling and tools for swimming such as rubber buoys.

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To use these facilities, you are required to pay a number of rupiah according to what you want. The menu in the restaurant is almost the same as the menu on other beaches, for example grilled fish and smoked fish. Not only a large dining menu, on this beach there are also food and soft drink sellers.

The distance of Pusir Putih Beach from the city center of Bandar Lampung is 23 kilometers with a travel time of about one hour. The route that must be followed is to follow Jalan Pajajaran for one kilometer then turn right onto Jalan Urip Sumoharjo. Continue your journey for nearly three kilometers and then you will come to a crossroads.

After that, choose the road that turns left towards Jalan Soekarno Hatta and continue to follow the current road to Jalan Trans Sumatra. This road is quite long, you will pass several places such as a cement company, ancient sites, food companies and also stations. Along this road there are indeed a lot of big companies and also a PLTU.

Your trip on the Trans Sumatra road will cover a distance of 18 kilometers in length, you are only recommended to follow that road. After 18 kilometers away, you will arrive at your destination, namely White Sand Beach which is on the right of the road. Pay an entrance ticket with a certain fee then pay the parking fee then you are allowed to enter the beach area.

If you want to go to White Sand Beach from the departure location of Teluk Betung, the route taken is to follow Jalan Ikan Layur. Then follow the road to Jalan Ikan Pari and Jalan Sultan Hasanudin and Jalan WR Supratman. Then choose the road to Jalan Yos Sudarso, follow the road for six kilometers in length.

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After that turn left towards Jalan Tik. Ambon then turn right onto Trans Sumatra Street. This road is the same road you travel from downtown Bandar Lampung. Continue to follow the road for nine kilometers to reach White Sand Beach. After arriving, do the same thing, namely paying the entrance ticket and parking first.

Attractions on White Sand Beach

1. Spot swimming

The first tourist attraction on this beach is as a swimming spot or just playing water. The waves on the White Sand Beach are quite calm so it is safe to use for swimming, both adults and small children. Even if you have permission to swim, don’t be careless to protect yourself and those around you.

2. Spot snorkeling

As explained in the paragraph above, this beach has stalls that rent out water play equipment. White Sand Beach is perfect for you to visit if you have a hobby of playing snorkeling, but lazy to bring their own tools. The equipment that is rented out will certainly not drain your pocket too deep because the price is relatively cheap.

3. Spot surf

The third tourist attraction, namely this beach can be used as a place to play surf even though the waves are calm. The visitors who come are seen often doing surfing activities and staying enjoy with waves that are not high. Because the waves are calm, this beach is suitable for beginners who want to learn to surf.

4. Canoe

The fourth tourist attraction is a canoe that is rented out and can be used by all visitors who come. You can get around in the neighborhood around the beach by paying a certain fee which is certainly not expensive. Canoes are usually rented at a cost of IDR 20,000 per person and can also be rented in groups or collectively. If you are interested in renting a canoe, don’t forget to bring a tool such as a camera to capture the moment. With a canoe you will be invited to go around enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of the beach in South Lampung. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures at several points that have background interesting, namely the blue sea water that blends with the bright sky.

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5. Culinary tours

Culinary tourism is one of the most sought after tourist objects by tourists after they are tired of their activities. At White Sand Beach you can enjoy a variety of culinary delights that are ready to pamper your tongue. The menu that is served is mostly related to sea animals with the main menu of fish, the price to be paid is not expensive.


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