Which is the Cheapest? Octopus Card or Tourist Day Pass made in Hong Kong!

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Travel Blog Indonesia – If you want to go to Hong Kong, you must definitely try several modern modes of transportation such as the MTR. In addition, there are also several other transportation options such as trams and city buses. So, to ride it all you need an Octopus Card or Tourist Day Pass.

For the first time going to Hong Kong, you must be sure which one is the cheapest one to suit your traveling budget. This Octopus card is the same as an E-Money, Flazz or Brizzi card. The Octopus card can be used to pay the fare for all transportation in Hong Kong except taxis.

In addition, the Octopus card is also delicious, it can be used for shopping at mini markets, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, cake shops to transact at a vending machine or vending machine.

The good thing is that you don’t have to bother with change or prepare change when you want to take a city bus or tram. Sometimes the rates are not too bulky. For example, if you want to take a tram in Hong Kong, it averages about $ 2.3 Hong Kong dollars. Well, it’s complicated if you have to earn 3 cents every time you want to take the tram?

For tourists, there is actually an option to use the Tourist Day Pass. What is the difference? Well, more or less, if you read the differences between Ez Link and STP in Singapore, they are almost similar.

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Octopus Card Price 2018

  • HK $ 100 adult, HK $ 50 deposit
  • HK $ 20 for Children, HK $ 50 deposit
  • HK $ 20 for seniors, HK $ 50 deposit

You can get this Octopus card at several stations up to Hong Kong Airport. Oh yeah, later refund You will be subject to an administration fee of HK $ 9. So it doesn’t matter if you receive a HK $ 50 deposit, but it’s adjusted to the remaining balance, including the administrative deduction.

Octopus cards are flexible. So, it will decrease according to use. If the funds are not enough, you can top up again. You can top up at Sevel, Circle K, or several mini markets and supermarkets. Just ask, it’s easy.

So, in essence, if you have used several non-cash cards in Indonesia, their use and benefits are not much different. It’s a shame that in Indonesia it can’t berefund if there’s anything left.

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Price of the Tourist Day Pass 2018

  • Adult HK $ 65 (No deposit fee)
  • HK $ 30 Child (Age 3-11 years)
  • Free to take MTR, Bus, East Rail Line First Class and travel to and from Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations, except Airport Express
  • Can’t be-refund
  • Free to ride 24 hours with an expiration period of 30 days

Well, if the Hong Kong Tourist Day Pass (TDP) Card is a kind of STP in Singapore. The first time you tap on the MTR or Bus gate, that’s when the TDP usage time is recorded up to the next 24 hours. Yes, it’s just for a day, after going through 24 hours, the funds can be topped up and the function is the same as an ordinary octopus card, it just can’t berefund just yes.

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So, if you want to explore all types of transportation with the farthest distance, you can use this TDP card. However, if the time is limited, for example, only three days in Hong Kong, it’s better to just use regular Octopus so you pay the fare according to the usage and the distance.

The fare for MTR, tram and bus in Hong Kong varies from HK $ 2.3 to HK $ 25. Rates are adjusted according to the distance and number of stations visited.

So, if you have a question which is more worth it, it’s better if you can enjoy traveling in Hong Kong, it’s better to choose a normal Octopus card instead of TDP which can only get unlimited transport access all day but only in the vehicle. Well, the decision still returns to the tastes and needs of each.


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