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# Bringing Singapore to Your Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

## Introduction

With the rise in popularity of Nintendo’s *Animal Crossing: New Horizons*, players have been getting creative with custom designs and sharing them online. One particularly interesting trend is the recreation of items and designs from different cultures within the game. In this article, we explore how Singaporean culture is making its mark in *Animal Crossing: New Horizons*.

## Singaporean Delicacies

In the world of *Animal Crossing: New Horizons*, players have been recreating Singaporean delicacies and traditional items to add a touch of the island city-state to their game. Here are some of the notable creations:

### Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Thosai, and Kari Debal – Brimmed Hats
Players have designed custom brimmed hats that feature iconic Singaporean dishes such as Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Thosai, and Kari Debal. These designs are available to players through custom design codes, allowing them to wear these delectable delights on their heads in the game.

### Chope Cushion – Custom Design
The popular concept of “choping,” or reserving seats at hawker centers or food courts by placing a tissue packet on the table, has been ingeniously recreated as a custom design in the form of a chope cushion. This design adds a playful Singaporean touch to in-game furniture.

## Peranakan Heritage

Singapore’s rich Peranakan heritage has also found its way into *Animal Crossing: New Horizons* through custom designs:

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### Blue and Green Peranakan Tiles
Players have painstakingly recreated the intricate and vibrant Peranakan tiles often seen in Singapore’s shophouses. These designs allow players to decorate their in-game homes and public spaces with a touch of Peranakan elegance.

### Dragon Playground – Short-sleeve Tee
The iconic Dragon Playground, a beloved feature of many Singaporean neighborhoods, has been transformed into a charming custom design for short-sleeve tees in the game. This design serves as a nostalgic nod to Singapore’s unique cultural landmarks.

## Merli – Brimmed Cap and Short-sleeve Tee
The mythical Merlion, a symbol of Singapore that combines the body of a fish with the head of a lion, has been reimagined as a brimmed cap and a short-sleeve tee in the game. These designs pay homage to Singapore’s iconic waterfront statue and national symbol.

## Conclusion

The creative incorporation of Singaporean culture into *Animal Crossing: New Horizons* serves as a delightful way for players to experience and celebrate the diverse heritage of this island city-state. Through custom designs and in-game recreations, virtual spaces become a canvas for cultural expression and appreciation.

In conclusion, the infusion of Singaporean elements into the game not only showcases the creativity of players but also serves as a means of fostering cultural exchange and understanding. It is heartening to see how a virtual world can become a platform for the celebration of real-world cultures.

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