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Jember is one of the regencies in East Java which has quite a popular natural tourism object, namely the beach. The location of Jember, which is in the southern part of East Java Province, is what makes most of the southern Java sea into the Jember region. One of the southern beaches in Jember that is quite popular is Watu Ulo Beach.

Watu Ulo is taken from the Javanese language, namely ‘Watu’ which means Stone and ‘Ulo’ which is a snake. Overall, Watu Ulo means Snake Rock. The naming is in accordance with the condition of the beach where there is a stone with a scaly structure on the edge of the beach that extends into the sea like a snake statue. The stone seems to be a bridge leading the visitors to the beach.

In addition, there is a mystical story behind the name Watu. The name was given because there are several stories in circulation. It is said that there used to be a giant snake named King Nogo. The snake fought with the local people because of the struggle for territory. The snake lost and split and hardened. Watu Ulo is a body chart that still remains.

There is also another version which says that the snake is Ajishaka’s messenger. The snake meditated on Watu Ulo Beach until its body parts split and separated. The body parts on Watu Ulo Beach are the body and tail, while the head is in Banyu Wangi. This mystical story doesn’t make the visitors less, it actually increases.

Ticket prices for Watu Ulo Beach

To be able to enter Watu Ulo Beach, visitors are only charged a ticket price of Rp. 7,500-, only per person. This price is valid all day, both weekdays and weekends. Of course, the ticket prices offered are very economical and friendly to the wallet, especially for travelers who bring groups. So that the calculation of travel costs is easy to estimate.

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The location of Watu Ulo Beach is precisely in the village of Sumberejo, Ambulu sub-district, Jember district, East Java. To reach the beach location is actually quite easy because Watu Ulo Beach is parallel to other popular beaches in Jember so that access to the location is quite easy. the most recommended route because visitors also usually use this route.

Visitors from outside the area who come from Djuanda airport, Surabaya can use the DAMRI bus from the airport to the Bungurasih terminal. The fare is around Rp. 20,000- ,. Then from Bungrasih terminal, then take a bus heading to Jember with a fare of around Rp. 30,000-, per person. After that, passengers can ask to be dropped off at the Rambi Praise junction.

Then continue the journey to use the bus to Kecong and get off at Balungan. At Balungan, it was continued by taking a bus to Ambulu. From the Ambulu terminal you can rent public transportation to the beach location. If you want to use a private vehicle, just follow the bus route that has been explained previously.

Watu Ulo Beach Tourism Object

1. A rock that resembles a snake

Visitors can set foot and take a closer look at the rock which is said to be the incarnation of a split snake body. The elongated stone jutting into the sea has a scaly motif like Snake Skin. The sensation of stepping foot on the Watu Ulo Stone is like being on top of the giant snake’s hardened body.

2. Location Selfie

The stone jutting into the sea is very suitable as a selfie object or group photo for those who like to take selfies. Besides the snake-like stones jutting into the sea, there are also rocks on the beach with unique shapes and characteristics that can be used as photo objects. Wat Ulo Beach is surrounded by green hills that are ready to add to the perfection of visitor photos.

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3. Panorama of Watu Ulo Beach

Not only does it store mystical stories that make visitors curious to visit the Watu Ulo party. The panorama which is a combination of the ocean, green hills, and white sand is presented in one. This beach is indeed very suitable as a thought therapy for tourists who want to release the burdens and fatigue that have been settling in their minds.

4. Young Coconut Drink as a Typical Drink of Watu Ulo Beach

On the beach, there are several stalls that provide food and drinks. One of the typical drinks of Watu Ulo Beach is Easy Coconut Water which is directly drunk from the coconut shell. The stunning view of Watu Ulo Beach will be even more perfect if it is equipped with a sip of sweet, refreshing and healthy young coconut water.

5. Boat Transportation

Watu Ulo Beach is actually one of the beaches that is used as a source of livelihood by local residents who work as fishermen. The fishermen own a boat which, apart from being used for work, is also rented out to tourists who want to more freely enjoy the beautiful charm of Watu Ulo Beach.


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