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Of all the regions in Indonesia, Bali and Lombok are the first choices if you want to find beautiful beaches. However, who would have thought that apart from these two areas there are still areas that have many beaches that are no less interesting. One of them is Malang which has many beautiful beach attractions. This time we will review one beach in the Malang area which is a suitable place for those of you who like turtles. Watu Leter Beach is a favorite place for turtles to lay their eggs.

If this beach is crowded with turtles that want to lay eggs, of course this is also a place for small turtles to go out to sea. This rare thing is the main attraction of Watu Leter Beach. Like most beaches, Watu Leter also has a history of naming it.

For residents around the beach, the name Watu Leter is given because there is a cliff around the beach which has a flat part at the end. The cliff that is located in the middle of the sea becomes very striking thanks to its flat shape. This is what then led the residents to name this beach with the name Watu Leter. Apart from Watu Leter, residents also call this beach by the name Ngleter Beach.

Price of admission

The average tourist attraction will ask visitors to pay an entrance ticket. Well, at Watu Leter Beach, tourists only need to pay a ticket for IDR 10,000. Of course this ticket will be useful for taking care of the facilities available for the convenience of visitors.

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Watu Leter Beach is located in Rowotrate Hamlet, Sitiarjo Village, in Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. If you come from out of town, you can buy a plane ticket to Malang’s Abdul Rachman Saleh airport. The beach distance from the city of Malang is about 60 kilometers. It will take approximately 2 hours by motorbike and 3 hours by car. From Malang city, head south to Sumbermanjing Wetan sub-district and then towards Medium Blue Beach. After that, to get to Watu Leter, you have to pass through Goa Cina Beach. Along the way, you will be spoiled with views of the Southern mountains with winding roads.

In addition, there are also vast rice fields that separate the highway from the hills. The path that will be passed is quite difficult. The road is narrow so that it cannot be passed by cars. Then, you have to pass through mangrove forests with rocky and bushy roads. Not a few you will come across tall and sharp weeds, so be careful. Through this route, you have to get off a 1.5 meter high mound and then walk until you reach the location of Watu Leter Beach.

Apart from the routes above, there is one more route that can be used as an alternative. The path is not as difficult as the one above. When you arrive at Goa Cina, continue the journey by walking for about 100 meters. Then, you will find a path that will lead you to Watu Leter Beach. However, to pass this road it takes about 25 minutes to reach the destination.

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Interesting thing

There are several tourist objects that will provide excitement for tourists visiting Watu Leter Beach. The following include:

1. The beach is still beautiful

Due to the difficult and narrow lanes, Watu Leter Beach is calmer and lonely when compared to Goa Cina Beach. Of course, the sand is cleaner and softer and the water is much greener and clearer. This cleanliness and beauty is then supported by the view of the missing coral rock that appears swept by the waves.

2. Walking along the Mangrove Forest

Besides that, there is also a mangrove forest complete with brackish water which presents a unique view. You can only find this beautiful and unique view on a few beaches in Malang. There is also the site of the mouth of the Sitiarjo river which can be walked along by boat while enjoying the view of the mangrove forest from the inside.

3. Snorkeling

Of course this one activity is commonplace on beaches. However, because the water is clear, swimming and snorkeling at Watu Leter feels even more special. Many views of coral reefs that can be enjoyed under the sea.

4. Camping

This beach can also be used as an option for camping. The atmosphere at night on this beautiful beach will be very difficult to miss.

5. Watching turtles

As mentioned above, this beach is a place for turtles to lay their eggs. Because this area is still quiet, this beach is the right place to see the arrival of turtles and also release small gray turtles into the wild. This makes Watu Leter Beach an ecotourism center for turtle conservation.

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What do you think about the Watu Leter Beach review? Even though it is a tiring route, the beautiful scenery, complete with the experience of releasing turtles, will immediately heal your fatigue. Make sure Watu Leter Beach is the beach that you will visit next.



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