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Malang is one of the most popular tourist destinations. In the beginning, this city was famous because it was one of the producers of apples that was unique and different from other regions. Over time, there are more tourist attractions. There are Jatim Park, Batu Secret Zoo, and so on. Did you know that this city has an incomparable natural persona?

Yep! It’s true that there are still Mount Bromo and the beach. Now for this part of the beach it is very interesting to explore. This is because most of the beaches in Malang are still quiet, beautiful, clean, and some are even considered virgins because they are rarely touched by human hands. One of them is Watu Lepek Beach.

Entrance ticket prices at Watu Lepek Beach

The price of admission to this beach is cheap. Enough IDR 5,000, – only. In addition, if you bring a private vehicle, you have to pay a parking fee of IDR 5,000. Because it is hidden and still quiet, this beach does not have its own parking space, so you have to leave your motorbike at Bengkung Beach.

Addressed at Gajahrejo Forest Gedangan Malang, East Java, right on the edge of the Indian Ocean. The best way to reach the area is by private vehicle. There are two kinds of routes that you can take to get to this hidden world paradise.

Starting the journey from the center of Malang Regency, please head to Turen. After that, head south to the Sumbermanjing Wetan area. Follow the road that leads you to Sendang Biru beach. Once you arrive at the T-junction with directions, choose the road to Bajulmati (Goa Cina Beach). Then go straight west for about 3km to get to Watu Lepek Beach.

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There is another second route option. From the city center, you just go straight to Kepanjen. Then, continue the journey towards Pagak. Or it could be from the city center you go to Gondanglegi then go towards Bantur. From there, you can immediately follow the direction to Balekambang Beach. When you reach the intersection, take the road to the left and go straight until Bengkung Beach.

After arriving at Bengkung Beach, you have to walk to reach Watu Lepek Beach. It takes a little more struggle because this beach area is located behind a hill.

Tourism Object on Watu Lepek Beach

Some of the activities and interesting spots for this beach include the following:

1. Rock

On one side of this beach, there are quite wide rocks. It is about 20 meters long and 6 meters wide. This coral is also part of the origin of the name Watu Lepek. Because the shape is similar to a stone but in the distance it looks like a saucer (a small plate on a glass plate).

2. Trekking Area

To reach this beach area, you have to walk from the beach beforehand. So along your way to Watu Lepek, the trekking area is not a smooth road. Lots of rocks and steep roads that challenge the soul and adrenaline. If you are still not satisfied, exploring around the beach will be fun.

3. Camping

Test your physical endurance by staying the night at this beach. Apart from being far from the village, you will really feel at one with nature. Complete with forest, hilly and sea water backgrounds. Not a single element of nature is missing. Moreover, camping activities here are still rare, so you are more likely to set up a tent alone.

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4. Playing Sand

Watu Lepek Beach has fine and soft white sand. Even though the coastline is not long but it is very fun to pamper yourself while sunbathing against the sun. If you want to roll, you can too. Even if you want to use sand for relaxation, it is highly recommended.

5. Photography

The stunning view of this beach will remind you of one of the beaches in Lombok, namely the pink beach. The shape of the area and its surroundings look similar. Only the color of the sand is different. So, for those of you who like selfies and like to hunt photos, Watu Lepek Beach can be the best anti-mainstream recommendation.

6. Playing Water

Even though the waves are high, and tend to be uneasy, if you are still determined to throw yourself in the water you can still, as long as you pay attention and make approximately a safe distance. At least three meters from the shoreline.

7. Fishing

By climbing the limp rock, you can put your hook into the sea and go fishing. Bring your hook and all kinds of equipment from home!

Those are seven interesting spots and activities that you can do on Watu Lepek Beach. Immediately schedule to try to explore it! If you’re afraid of being alone, bring your adventure companion with you.


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