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Indonesia is a country that is gifted with abundant biodiversity and natural beauty. Talk about exotic beaches, definitely referring to the beaches in Bali, Lombok, Rote Island to Papua. But make no mistake, Indonesia’s natural and marine wealth is not only located on the islands which are already crowded with tourists, including in Pacitan.

The city of Pacitan is not only famous as a traffic jam spot during a long holiday or Eid homecoming, but it is also famous for its various natural nuances which certainly fascinate millions of visitors. Call it Watu Bale Beach with its distinctive rocks, Buyutan Beach with the fairy tale crown of Dewa Narada and of course Watu Karung Beach which is famous for its exotic coral boulders.

This beach, which is surrounded by coral hills with green savanna, also presents a wide and exotic stretch of white sand and looks like Red Beach at a glance. This beach, which is located in Pringkuku Hamlet, is often visited by foreign tourists for just sunbathing to playing surfing because the place is still natural and not crowded like a beach on a remote island.

In contrast to Buyutan Beach which is spelled out the same in terms of exoticism and naturalness, this beach has many inns available. One of the reasons this beach is heard by foreign tourists is thanks to Bruce Irons who is a surfer capturing the moment when he stopped at Watu Karung Beach.

The photos captured by Bruce made him glimpsed by Waves magazine, who made him a model when he was busy playing surfing in 2018. Public facilities are only bathrooms, a small parking area with a row of food stalls located a little far from the steep access to the area. this tour. But above the beach, there are various kinds of lodging available.

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Entrance ticket prices at Watu Karang Beach

The price of admission to be able to enter this multiple tourist area is free with operating hours that are open 24 hours non-stop so that visitors can enjoy more time on this quiet and beautiful beach while maintaining cleanliness, preserving nature and its ecosystem as well as each other’s vigilance.

Located in a detailed location in the Pringkuku area, precisely in Limasan Village, Pacitan Regency, East Java, with access that is quite difficult, steep and steep, is 40 km from the city of Pacitan. Visitors who come from West Java and Jakarta can pass Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta through Solo then take a shortcut in Sedeng Village to reach the center of Pacitan.

Then from there you can follow the instructions that are 40 km from there and enter the Pringkuku area with a steep incline so caution is needed.

Tourism Object on Watu Karung Beach

1. Spot swimming, diving and surfing

The beach waves are quite large and blue sea is also very suitable for swimming, diving and surfing using your own equipment because there is no rental place. The big waves here are fairly safe because of their non-dragging character when they reach the shore.

For visitors who want to try surfing or who are already experts but don’t bring equipment, don’t worry because this beach has provided rental equipment ranging from surfing to diving.

2. Coral hills

The coral hills on Watu Karang Beach are a favorite place for visitors to camp, see the sunset, and just listen to the singing of the waves. Although the terrain is quite difficult, this does not prevent visitors, especially travelers and adrenaline lovers who feel challenged to see the beauty from the top of the hill.

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3. Spot camping

The hills with vast savanna are very fun to make camping with a campfire to warm yourself and cook campers-style dishes accompanied by camping music and singing sea waves.

4. Spot the sun

The soft and wide stretch of white sand and the right sunshine make this beach one of the amazing eco-sun sun spots. No wonder foreign tourists are often seen on this remote beach with a special area for bikini wearers.

5. Spot photos

Coral hills, clear blue sea waves, wide stretch of sand, sunset and sunrise are the reasons why the photo event should not be missed. For photography and selfie lovers, this place is a paradise created complete with exotic natural landscapes apart from the clear blue sea.

Watu Karung Beach is proof that Indonesia is not only famous for Bali and other islands in Eastern Indonesia, but also famous for its natural beauty. This beach, which is located in Limasan Village, is the best place for swimming, diving to surfing.


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