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Walur Beach is one of the beaches located in Lampung. This beach has a lot of potential to be used as a good beach tourism object. Around this beach is equipped with a lighthouse. Coupled with the existence of trees lined up around the beach making this beach very suitable to be visited to relax the mind and have recreation.

Visiting the beach is a great destination for relaxing. One of them is visiting Walur Beach. You can enjoy a variety of tourist objects that are guaranteed you will be satisfied playing sea water, swimming, fishing, and relaxing on Walur Beach.

Entrance Ticket Prices on Walur Beach

The price of admission to Walur Beach is free. However, there will be a retribution fee of IDR 2,000 to IDR 10,000, depending on the type of vehicle you are driving.

Walur Beach is located in the west of Lampung which is not far from Krui. The beach is located outside the forest which is located in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park. Precisely located in Walur Village, Pesisir Tengah District, Pesisir Barat Regency, Lampung Province.

The route to Walur Beach from Bandar Lampung, you will travel 250 km which takes 4 – 5 hours to Krui. After that, you will travel 5 km to Walur Beach.

Tourism Object on Walur Beach

The following are some of the tourist attractions around Walur Beach:

1. Pasture

In the area around the beach there are grasslands accompanied by a lot of coconut trees.

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2. There is a lighthouse

Lighthouses have many uses, namely to guide ships while sailing out to sea. Near the lighthouse also built a place for workers at the lighthouse.

3. Management of Walur Beach

Until now, Walur Beach has not been managed properly. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a follow-up to promote the area around the coast. This is because this beach has good potential to be managed as a tourist spot so that it can improve the welfare of the local community and increase government income in the area.

4. Enjoy the beauty of white sandy beaches

Walur Beach also has soft white sand so it is very fun to play around the beach. An example is making several buildings such as sand castles using white sand.

You can also enjoy the beautiful beach and the breezy wind that blows against your body while lying on the white sand beach.

5. A fun place to swim

The clear water makes visitors comfortable to swim. In addition, the waves are very calm, making children comfortable playing in the water and swimming.

6. Great Place for Fishing

Many of the visitors who come to fish on the beach of Walur. There are many kinds of fish found on this beach so that many tourists are interested in fishing on this beach.

7. One of the activities that can be done is surfing. In addition, you can relax while enjoying the view of the high seas.

8. The Tradition of Residents Around Walur Beach

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When the holidays arrive, many local residents come with mats, food, and various equipment for picnics on the beach. You don’t worry because this beach is wide enough so you can still visit when the holidays have arrived.

9. Beach conditions on weekdays

In normal conditions, this beach has almost no visitors. It is different during weekends or holidays, this beach will be filled with tourists, both local residents and tourists from out of town.

10. Bringing a Camera

A camera is a mandatory thing that you must bring to capture beautiful moments during your visit to Walur Beach. The beautiful and exotic natural background makes this beach one of the best spots for selfie.

11. Enjoying the Sunset

You can enjoy the view at dusk while enjoying the sunset on the high seas.

Those are some tourist objects that you can enjoy to unwind and refresh while enjoying natural, nice and eye-soothing natural scenery. You can have recreation while fishing, surfing and others.



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