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Muna Regency in Southeast Sulawesi has a lot of natural beauty that has not been captured by the eye so far. One of the tourist destinations in Muna that is rarely heard of but has a beauty that can captivate the eye is Walengkabola Beach. For some travelers, the name of this beach sounds strange and is rarely even heard.

However, for the people of Muna and Buton, this beach is quite popular and has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for local people. Walengkabola Beach is precisely located on Jalan Tanjung, Oempu Village, Tongkuno District, Muna Regency on the eastern side of the Muna archipelago and is flanked by the Buton Strait which connects Muna Island to Buton Island as well as a boat crossing route.

Price of admission

To be able to enjoy the charm of Walengkabola Beach, visitors will be charged a rate of IDR 10,000 per person. These rates depend on the day of visit, for example weekdays rates (Monday-Friday) are different from weekend rates (Saturday-Sunday). However, these tariff provisions depend on the policy of Walengkabola Beach managers. The entrance ticket price includes the cost of maintaining the beach.

From the closest city to Walengkabola Beach on Muna Island, namely Kota Raha, it takes a land trip of 72 km and takes about 1 hour at an average speed. Visitors who come from the direction of Kota Raha only need to pass Jalan Sultan Syahrir straight south until they find a small town, Kota Tombula. From Tombula go straight south following the main highway.

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Arrive at the T-junction that leads to Jalan Tanjung, then turn left towards Jalan Tanjung. Follow the direction of Jalan Tanjung which is the main road to Walengkabola Beach. If visitors come from the city of Bau-Bau, visitors must use a ferry from Bau-Bau to Muna Island. The ship boarded will pass Walengkabola Beach which is the ship’s route

Interesting thing

1. White Sand

The white sand of Walengkabola Beach stretches 1 kilometer along the shoreline. When viewed from a distance, the sand of Walengkabola beach is very beautiful with the blue sea water color. Walengkabola Beach is one of the ship routes crossing from Bau-Bau City to Raha City and Kendari City. The view of Walengkabola Beach between sailing is the main attraction.

Up close, the sand of Wlengkabola Beach has a smooth and clean texture so it doesn’t cause irritation to the skin when playing with sand. The soft and sloping sand makes visitors very comfortable and safe to carry out various activities on the sand of Walengkabola Beach such as playing sand castles, beach volleyball, beach ball, relaxing on the sand and other activities.

2. Clear Beach Water

The preservation of Walengkabola Beach is still well preserved, as evidenced by the very clear and clean beach water. Because it is located far from the city and far from the industrial center, Walengkabola Beach is indeed not touched by municipal waste including household waste. This very clear and calm water is perfect for visitors who bring along large families, especially children.

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Because Walengkabola Beach is located in the strait between Buton Island and Muna Island, Walengkabola Beach is very calm with small to medium waves intensity. So that this beach is safe for both adults and children. The water is calm blue which makes the eyes of visitors fascinated and want to swim immediately mingled with the fresh water at Walengkabola Beach.

3. Towering Coconut Trees

On the lips of Walengkabola Beach, there is a coconut tree that seems to welcome the visitors. The towering coconut tree looks handsome facing the middle of the sea. In addition, the existence of this coconut tree also provides coolness to Walengkabola Beach. Some trees even grow protruding to the beach as if they want to participate in experiencing the water of Walengkabola Beach.

4. Natural Cave Tour

Around Walengkabola Beach, there are naturally formed caves. These caves are the most attractive attraction at Walengkabola beach. The caves are naturally formed either by wave abrasion or formed by themselves. This cave releases fresh water which is a source of water for residents around Walengkabola Beach.

The existence of natural caves around this beach gives a special impression for visitors. Visitors can explore the cave with the help of the local community who are used to taking cave water to meet their daily needs. The cave water that feels fresh is safe for direct consumption and can also be used to rinse yourself for visitors who have swam at Walengkabola Beach.

5. Lake Moko

Still around Walengkabola Beach, there is a beautiful and cool cave called Lake Moko. This naturally formed lake is very beautiful with light blue water resembling the color of sea water. The lake water is very clear and clean, making anyone who sees it always want to plunge directly into the lake water. This lake is one of the tourist destinations for Walengkabola visitors.

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6. Delicious Culinary Tour

Make sure if you visit Walengkabola Beach, don’t miss the culinary delights provided along the coast. The type of culinary offered is seafood consisting of fresh and delicious Walengkabola sea contents. Walengkabola grilled fish served warm is very delicious enjoyed with the breeze and the white sand of the beach which can increase your appetite.

7. Hills Around the Beach

For visitors who want to see Walengkabola beach from a certain height, it is advisable to climb the hills around the beach. From the height of the hill, visitors will be spoiled with a panoramic view of Walengkabola beach which is very amazing. The gradation of the sand color combined with sea water makes the eyes feel at home watching it. Heart and mind become calm and peaceful.

The review about Walengkabola Beach is only fleeting, of course it will be different and much more beautiful if you visit Walengkabola beach directly. The Oempu community around Walengkabola Beach is very friendly to guests so that it is guaranteed that visitors will feel comfortable and safe when enjoying a holiday at Walengkabola Beach with their beloved family.


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