Visa Free to South Korea in 2018, Hoax or Facts?

Travel Blog Indonesia – Recently there has been a lot of news that the South Korean government will exempt visas for Indonesian tourists in 2018. As usual, any news that visa-free is sure to invite tremendous reactions from the public. But is this visa-free news to Korea true or just a hoax?

Update Jan 22 2018:

Visa Free During the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games

The Korean government implemented a new policy related to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games. In order to make the event a success, temporary visa-free facilities were provided for the three countries of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Implementation Period: From January 22, 2018 to April 30, 2018.

The conditions for obtaining temporary visa exemptions must go through 14 Authorized Travel Agents who have been selected by the Korean Embassy with a minimum of 5 participants.

Read the list of 14 Authorized Travel Agents here

The route should be as follows:

* Land at Incheon International Airport and then continue with a transit flight to Yangyang International Airport. (Participants cannot leave Incheon International Airport, must be able to prove by booking a transit flight ticket and immigration check will be done at Yangyang International Airport.

It turns out that this news is true. As can be seen on tweet The following KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) Jakarta:

Indonesian citizens can enter Korea without a visa in order 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The application of the visa-free program to Korea is temporary and the plan is to take effect from January 2018 to April 2018.

The move by the South Korean government to eliminate visas like this is of course for the promotion of the Olympics and to increase the number of tourists to come to watch the grand sporting event in Pyeongchang.

Then what about the mechanism? Is it that easy to get visa-free to Korea? Of course not. There are conditions set by the South Korean government.

Disclaimer: This article was created on 18 November 2017, when there was a lot of news about visa-free entry to South Korea in national media such as, and Since then until now, there has been no official confirmation / mechanism on the part of the South Korean government.

We suggest that readers continue to monitor until there is an official announcement regarding the visa-free policy during the Winter Olympics on the website of the South Korean Embassy to Indonesia. This article is for guidance only and is not officially affiliated with the South Korean government.

Want Visa Free to Korea, Get Ready for Hassle!

If you look at the article posted by Visit Korea, how to get a free visa to Korea is sufficient tricky. First, tourists from Indonesia must enter South Korea via Yangyang International Airport in Gangwon-do province.

Well, the problem is that there are no direct international flights from Jakarta to Yangyang. Yangyang Airport only serves domestic flights from Gimhae airport (Busan) and Jeju airport.

The only way is to enter via Jeju Island. As a special administrative area, the Jeju provincial government has long issued a visa-free policy to Korea for Indonesian tourists.

The second problem is that there are no international flights from Jakarta to Jeju. You have to fly to Hong Kong first. From Hong Kong international airport, you can take a Jeju Air, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, China Eastern or HK Express plane to Jeju international airport.

Update: Starting 12 December 2017, there is another alternative to Jeju by using AirAsia X. From Jakarta, you can go to Kuala Lumpur. From KL, there are direct flights to Jeju. One-way ticket prices start from MYR249.

Well, once you arrive in Jeju you only have one flight option to Yangyang, namely Korea Express Air. It’s complicated! There are flights from Yangyang to Jeju or vice versa only once a day. The cost of plane tickets is not cheap even though you have used the LCC airline (low cost carrier).

How much does it cost to fly flights from Jakarta to Yangyang?

As a simulation, the calculation of the cost of airplane tickets from Jakarta to Yangyang is as follows:

Scenario 1 (Jakarta – Hong Kong – Jeju – Yangyang)

  1. Ticket Jakarta – Hong Kong round trip approx IDR 4 – 5 million using an LCC airline such as AirAsia or Scoot
  2. Hong Kong – Jeju round trip ticket approx IDR 3 million using the LCC airline, namely Hong Kong Express
  3. Jeju – Yangyang round trip ticket not known (When the blog team tries to access the Korea Express Air website, all pages are in Korean and for reservations you must sign up first)

With a simulation like this, it is possible that the total cost of an airplane ticket from Jakarta to Hong Kong – Jeju – Yangyang could reach Rp. 9 – 10 million (if we assume the Jeju – Yangyang ticket round trip is Rp. 2 million).

Scenario 2 (Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Jeju – Yangyang)

  1. Ticket Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur round trip approx IDR 1 million using LCC airlines such as AirAsia
  2. Kuala Lumpur – Jeju round trip ticket approx IDR 2 million using AirAsia X
  3. Jeju – Yangyang round trip ticket with estimation IDR 2 million

With a simulation like this, it is possible that the total cost of an airplane ticket for Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Jeju – Yangyang could reach IDR 5 million.

In order to save on visa fees single entry IDR 544,000, would you like to try one of these scenarios?

Benefits of the Visa Free Program to Korea via Yangyang Airport

The visa-free entry policy through Yangyang airport is arguably more profitable than the visa-free entry policy via Jeju. Previously, Indonesian tourists had limitations because they could only be in the Jeju island area.

You cannot fly to Seoul because you will not be allowed to leave Gimpo airport.

Meanwhile, if you enter via Yangyang, you are already on the mainland and can go to Seoul by KTX (express train) or bus. But don’t forget to go back to Yangyang because you have to go back to Jeju.

How? So you are interested in not trying this visa-free program to Korea?

If you want to try winter and play snow in Korea, you should take advantage of this visa-free moment to visit Korea to stop by at Pyeongchang. Here the winter lasts much longer. From November to April.

Meanwhile, if you go to Jeju or Busan which is warmer, you can see beautiful flowers Cherry Blossom / sakura which bloom from early April. In Seoul, Cherry Blossom usually blooms later, around mid to late April.

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