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Bali has never stopped being the main tourist icon of Indonesia. There are a lot of natural resources on display in this place, including its charming beaches. There are many beaches that have opened and used as tourist attractions to attract the attention of many tourists.

One of the beaches that you must visit is Virgin Beach. This beach is not as famous as Sanur Beach or Tanah Lot Beach, but this beach is no less beautiful than the two famous beaches.

This beach has a similarity with beaches in Bali in general, which have white sand interspersed with the sound of light waves. The beach is included in the beach that is still rarely visited by tourists, so it is still very clean from trash and comfortable to use for relaxing.

In this place you can also see that there are lots of fishing boats lining the shoreline. Apart from the beautiful scenery, there are lots of activities that can be done in this place, such as visiting the Bugbug Traditional Village Bias Putih Temple, trying food at the Virgin Café, coming to Asah Shed Hill, visiting Bukit Asah Bali Harmoni Park, and looking at the sunsrise. from the Virgin Beach.

Entrance Ticket Prices on Virgin Beach

In accordance with the name of this beach, Virgin Beach has a refreshing attraction for the eyes, because the sea water is so clear that it is bluish. This beach is located in Karangasem sub-district, Karangasem Regency. If you visit this place, you will be charged an entrance ticket fee of IDR 10,000.

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The distance that must be taken to get to this beach is very far, which is about 73.9 km with a travel time of 2 hours 6 minutes. Virgin Beach is located in an area very close to other beach areas, namely Prasi Beach.

It is advisable for you to hire a tour guide, so you don’t have to bother thinking about the route to go when you head to Virgin Beach. For those of you who still want to rent and drive a private vehicle, it is recommended that you go by providing internet access along the way.

In other words, internet access is a must and will be used for navigation until you get to the place. There are lots of parking areas in this place which you can also see on Google Maps.

Tourism Object on Virgin Beach

1. Bias Putih Temple, Bugbug Traditional Village

Many tourists visit this place, because in this place you can see Virgin Beach from the top of the hill. As a result, the photos you get can be very interesting. For those of you who are interested in collecting various photos around this beach, it is perfect to try this one location.

2. Virgin Café

This cafe is located in the Virgin Beach area, which offers a variety of menus that invites appetites. The best menu they serve is a variety of processed fish that are still very fresh and equipped with vegetables as fiber to maintain the health of the visitors.

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After finishing the main meal, you can also order desserts and also juices which are all fresh. While eating food, you can also enjoy the beautiful sea view of Virgin Beach which is still very clean and with beautiful white sand.

Café owners are also very friendly to café visitors, so they create a very comfortable environment as a place to eat food and relax. Apart from fish, this café also offers various kinds of seafood which are processed with various techniques.

3. Asah Shed Hill

This hill, which is located close to Virgin Beach, is very interesting to visit, because it is not so high, aka sloping. However, this place is very suitable as a place to see the overall beauty of Virgin Beach. This place is very comfortable to visit and to relax, because it is still rarely visited by tourists.

Take it easy even though this place is rarely visited by tourists, the existing facilities in this place are very complete. There are many tourists who recommend this place to be used as a camping place and put up your hammock.

4. Sunbathe and swim at Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach has very much provided various beach chair facilities which can be used as a place for sunbathing for tourists who come. This place is perfect for a very calm sunbathing spot accompanied by the waves.

Apart from sunbathing, you can also play in the water and also swim on the spot. There are many tourists who really admire the beauty and cleanliness of Virgin Beach, so it is very comfortable to use as a vacation spot.

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5. Look at Sunsrise

This beach is a little different from other beaches in Bali where you can see the sunrise very clearly from this place. The view given will be very interesting to be immortalized in photos and can be uploaded on Instagram.


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