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The name sounds so unique, right? Viovio Beach is one of the new tourist destinations on Batam Island, which is located on Galang Island. This beach is actually still new and managed by the local government. However, even though only tourists who visit this beach are very busy, especially when the holidays arrive. Wow, of course you will see a large collection of people in this place.

By displaying the charm of an exotic beach, Viovio Beach can be one of your long vacation tourist destinations. If you want to get a sense of calm and breezy sea breezes on Batam Island, Viovio Beach is highly recommended on your vacation list.

Price of admission at Viovio Beach

The name of this beach is indeed being discussed by domestic tourists. This is because the photos produced on this beach look amazing not to mention the photo spots are really great for taking pictures. Well, of course there are some of you who are interested in wanting to travel here and ask about the entrance ticket price.

The fee for the Viovio Beach entrance ticket is actually quite affordable, it doesn’t really drain your wallet. You only need to pay IDR 10,000 per person and after that you can enjoy the natural scenery on Viovio Beach. However, if you want to rent a gazebo around Viovio Beach, of course there is an extra fee you need to provide, which is around IDR 150,000 a day.

Apart from the price of the entrance ticket, there is also a small additional fee, namely the parking fee. The parking fee charged, of course, applies only to visitors who bring their private vehicles. Usually, the parking fee depends on the manager, with a range of Rp. 1,000 to Rp. 5,000.

The location of Viovio Beach is located in Sijantung Village, Galang District, Batam City, Riau Islands. You can visit and feel firsthand how the charm of Viovio Beach on Galang Island is by crossing the Tuanku Tambusal bridge or commonly known as the 5 Barelang bridge. Where is the connecting bridge between Rempang and Galang.

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If you are still confused about the route to Viovio Beach, you can check it directly via Google Maps.

Tourism Object on Viovio Beach

Viovio Beach is currently one of the new tourist destinations on Batam Island which is currently popular among travelers. With a location that is quite hidden, this beach has the nickname of hidden paradise on Batam Island.

However, even though it is hidden and the streets are not as good as city streets. Still, it doesn’t reduce the interest of visitors who want to visit this beach. This is because there are many beautiful spots to take pictures that are not inferior to other famous beach spots such as in Bali.

Now, for more details about what are the interesting tourist objects in Viovio Beach, let’s just look at the following reviews.

1. White Sand Beach

The beach with white sand is indeed the main attraction for visitors. This is because it displays a view of the clean white sand. Certainly beautiful to the eye and suitable for your photo spot. Well, one of the most popular beaches on Batam Island, which features the charm of white sand, is Viovio Beach.

Even though the white sand on this beach is not so wide, it is still no less cool than other beaches. However, when you get closer to the seafront, the sand is not too white. Not to mention the one on the left, the ground from the beach looks black. However, take it easy, it still looks beautiful.

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2. Cool Photo Spot

Spot to take pictures is something that must be paid attention to before uploading to social media. A neat photo spot is sure to make your photos look livelier and amazing. For those of you who are still confused about finding a cool photo spot in the style of a celebrity or traveler, just go to Viovio Beach.

There you will be amazed by the view of the anti-mainstream photo spot and there are also quite a lot of choices so that you won’t fight over with other visitors. The mainstay spots on Viovio Beach include colorful umbrella spots, beach swings, viewing post tree houses, and bridges.

Anyway, with a cool photo spot on Viovio Beach, it’s perfect to fill your gallery intagram.

3. The charm of Sunset

For those of you who are a sunset lover or a sunset connoisseur, it is perfect to visit this cool Viovio Beach. The reason is because, it displays the charm of a beautiful sunset to the eye. In fact, you can enjoy the twilight while playing with one of the existing spots, for example the swing.

Besides the charm of the epic sunset that you can enjoy through the swing. You can also enjoy it on a kind of stage for viewing sunset the. From the stage you can capture sunset from various sides. In essence, just come in the afternoon if you want to be pampered with the charm of the sunset on Viovio Beach.

4. Underwater Realm

Besides the spots for photos and sunset what’s interesting, of course, the underwater nature of Viovio Beach is no less cool. With shallow water and clear water, making coral reefs under the sea look amazing. As if – it will look like an underwater park.

Not to mention the view of fish of various sizes and other marine animals, of course, makes your diving atmosphere more fitting. For those of you who like diving, try diving in the underwater area of ​​Viovio Beach, guaranteed not to regret it.

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5. Gazebo

For those of you who are tourists outside of Batam Island and want to enjoy the natural charm of the beautiful Viovio Beach, of course, in the whole day it will make your body tired and need a place to relax while looking at the sea. Well, maybe you have to rent a wooden hut or gazebo around the beach.

The gazebo is rented out to visitors who want to relax with their families or colleagues. With an affordable rental price of around Rp. 200,000 only.

6. Mangrove Forest

Apart from swings and other spots on Viovio Beach, there is one more spot that attracts visitors, namely the mangrove forest area. This area is on the right side of the beach which is in direct contact with the water. However, currently a wooden platform has been built on the left side. In the wake of the mangrove forest.

The mangrove forest here is actually just a sweetener for visitors. In addition, visitors also cannot trace to the inside of the mangrove forest. However, the presence of this wooden platform makes this tourist attraction even sweeter and suitable as an attractive photo spot.

7. Romantic Spot

For those of you who are in pairs, there is one spot that is suitable for you to visit, namely a spot in the form of a sign of love or love. In addition, two spots are available for romantic spots with this theme. So you don’t have to wait in long lines.

Well, that was about the beauty of Viovio Beach. Of course, the various kinds of beauty and spots available make you not regret visiting this beach.


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