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With a very long coastline in South Malang, Malang Regency is blessed with many beautiful beaches. Maybe when you go to Malang you will be confused about which beach you should visit first. There is a beach that is famous and crowded. There is also a beach that has just opened and is empty of visitors.

Ungapan Beach

So, to overcome the confusion you will choose a beach to visit in Malang, this article will review one beach in Malang, namely Ungapan Beach. This beach is located in Gajahrejo Village, Malang.

When you arrive at this beach, you will be presented with beautiful big waves complete with large white sand. The beaches in Malang have an average stretch of white sand that is almost similar to the beaches in Bali.

Malang is indeed a warehouse for beach tourism. Some of the famous beaches in Malang include Tiga Warna Beach, Lenggoksono Beach, Sendiki beach, Bajul Mati beach and other beaches.

Entrance ticket prices to Ungapan Beach

No need to spend deeply to enter the Ungapan Beach area. You only need to pay Rp. 10,000 for one entrance ticket, this is per person. Additional fees will apply if you park the vehicle. The parking fee for two-wheeled vehicles is Rp.10,000 and for four-wheeled vehicles is Rp.15,000.

Location and Route to Ungapan Beach

This beach is located in Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan District, Malang Regency, East Java. From Malang city, take the direction to Kepanjen. After that go to Turen and head south towards Sumbermanjing Wetan. The goal is to the Sendang Biru Beach. Before you get to the entrance to Sendang Biru Beach, there will be a South Cross Road T-junction.

At this junction turn right towards Bajul Mati Beach and Goa Cina. Then turn right again until you reach the Bajul dead bridge. Well, after this, you just have to follow the road for about 1 kilometer to cross the Bajul Mati bridge. Ungapan Beach is located after the bridge with a sign that reads “Pantai Ungapan Bumi Perkemahan”

Attractions on Ungapan Beach

There are many different things that can be done at this Ungapan Beach. If you are interested in going to Ungapan Beach, here are some tourist attractions on Ungapan Beach:

1. Sunset

Of course, sunset is one of the most sought-after natural phenomena for beach lovers. Ungapan Beach presents a beautiful sunset. Because there are many campers on this beach, enjoying the sunset feels special. Not to mention that there are many boats that dock on this beach. So if you are lucky, you can enjoy the sunset with a beautiful twilight sky with silhouettes of camp tents and boats.

2. Swimming

Being on the southern coast of the island of Java is understandable if Ungapan Beach has big waves. Then how do you swim here?

There are several options. First, you can play water on the beach even though it can’t be called swimming, but this activity is quite fun. Second, you can wait until the afternoon when the water starts to recede and the waves start to calm down.

At this time you can swim a little to the middle, of course you still have to be careful. Third, you can swim in the mouth of the river where the fresh water of the river meets the salt water of Ungapan Beach. Like at Banyu Anjlok Beach, you can swim as much as you want here.

3. Camping on Ungapan Beach

As written above, before entering the beach location you will find a board that says “Pantai Ungapan Camping Ground”. This means that camp activities are common here. The advantage of camping on this beach is that you can enjoy the beauty of Ungapan Beach for longer.

Of course you want to feel the atmosphere of the beach from the afternoon, evening, night and morning. If you want to watch sunset and sunrise of course you have to set up a tent here.

4. Bajul Mati Bridge

Now, because this unique bridge is close to the beach location, take the opportunity to take pictures on this bridge. Bajul Mati Bridge has a unique design that resembles a crocodile. Taking pictures on the Bajul Mati bridge with a hilly background is certainly very instagramable. This bridge is very famous and is proof that you have visited a beach in Malang.

5. Traveling by Boat

Now this is one of the most enjoyable things on Ungapan Beach. You will not only go around Ungapan Beach by boat. With this boat, you will be taken around the beach adjacent to Ungapan Beach, namely Bajul Mati Beach. The experience of traveling by boat while enjoying the view of the lush green trees on the beach will be very hard to forget.

6. Exercise adrenaline

If you are lucky, come to the Malang Beach Festival which is held at Ungapan Beach. This event is held at certain times. Well, at this event, there will be some sports equipment that can stimulate adrenaline, such as canoeing, jet skiing, and fly boarding. Very fun, right?

That’s what reviews are about Ungapan Beach in Malang, East Java. This beach offers beautiful views of the beach, sunset, campsites and sports that can stimulate adrenaline. Immediately arrange a vacation schedule to this beach with the closest people.


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