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Ujung Piring Beach is located in Jambu village, Mlonggo district, Jepara district. One of the beaches that is empty of visitors also has a view that is no less beautiful than other beaches in Jepara. You can find white sand that is clean from rubbish and clear blue sea water suitable for bathing and swimming.

Apart from the beauty of Ujung Piring beach, you will also find many swamps and ponds as well as several mangrove trees that adorn the edge of the beach. The beach atmosphere is still very natural, so it is suitable for those of you who want to be alone from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. In addition, access to this beach is also quite easy and can be passed by motorbikes or cars.

Entrance ticket prices at Ujung Piring Beach

  • Free weekday admission
  • Entrance ticket for weekends or national holidays IDR 5,000

(Entrance fees to Ujung Piring beach can change at any time, depending on policy or on certain events and days).

The road access to the beach is quite easy and there are many directions to the shoreline. The distance from the city center of Jepara is about 15.8 km or about 31 minutes away by private car. You can take the path to the northeast, passing Jl. Kartini then headed for Jl. Ahmad Yani. From there take the path to Jl. Jepara-Bangsri to Mlonggo-Bondo.

For those of you who are on Blebak beach, you can also stop by this beach. This is because the location of Ujung Piring beach is next to Blebak beach. From Blebak beach you can continue the route to the T-junction, then take a left until the next T-junction. Take the left lane again and follow the brick road, then turn right for the next 50 meters.

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Tourism Object at Ujung Piring Jepara Beach

1. Place to Meditate with Nature

At Ujung plate beach you will feel a very natural beach atmosphere and even like you have never been touched at all. You will also feel the sensation of a beautiful beach with a long stretch of sand coupled with the soothing beauty of the high seas. Besides that, you can also find the beach conditions that are quiet and so it is suitable for meditating in the wild.

2. Coral Beach

Ujung Piring Beach has white sand with lots of small corals making it less suitable for playing sand with children. Even so, you can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the beach by taking a walk on the edge and breathing the fresh air. In fact, you can also enjoy the sound of the gentle waves to treat boredom after a long routine.

3. Spot Photos of Singles Mangrove Trees

For those of you who like to take photos of landscapes, you can come to this beach. Because the beauty of Ujung Piring beach is often used as a photo spot of natural scenery which is certainly different from other beaches. You will find a beach with coral and a mangrove tree that grows in the middle of the sea not far from the beach. So it is perfect for those of you who want to take a silhouette with that view.

4. Calm Waves

Apart from the beauty of the sea, you will also find beaches with calm sea levels. Because the beach that resembles this bay does not have big waves so it is safe to use for swimming or just playing water. For those of you who want to enjoy the freshness of calm sea water, you can come to the beach in the morning.

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5. Camping and fishing spots

The beach atmosphere is very natural and quiet from the hustle and bustle of this city which is widely used by tourists to camp around the beach. In addition, you can also fish in the sea using sea worm bait. You can burn the catch and enjoy it next to the tent that you set up with your friends or family.

6. Sunset and Sunrise

The end of the plate beach is very suitable to be enjoyed in the afternoon when the sun will set. The silhouette of a mangrove tree in the middle of the sea will decorate the view of the sky turning orange. Coupled with the rustling of the waves that erode the beach sand and add to the serenity. The condition when the sun rises is equally charming where you can see the reflection of the sun on the sea surface which is still quiet.

7. River Estuaries

At Ujung Piring beach you will find a beach with lots of swamps and ponds, because this coast is the spearhead of the river mouth which serves to block the rise of sea water. Therefore, you will find many mangrove trees that grow around the coast. This is intended to reduce abrasion by sea water.

Ujung Piring Beach can be the right choice when you want to have a vacation looking for serenity in the city of Jepara. You can come during the day to evening when the charm of the ocean is very serene with panoramic views of the sunset and mangrove trees. Even this beach can also be a very effective place to get rid of boredom by meditating and being alone from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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