Traveling to Dieng? Buy These 5 Wonosobo Local Souvenirs

Travel Blog Indonesia – Puncak Sikunir has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in recent years. This tourist spot in Dieng, Wonosobo offers such beautiful views, especially the scenery sunrise.

Not only that, the various foods are also worth trying or even bringing home when you return to your hometown later. There are quite a lot of delicious Wonosobo culinary and specialties that are suitable for souvenirs.

Traveling to Dieng? Buy These 5 Wonosobo Local Souvenirs

Located right on the border of Wonosobo and Kendal regency 240x300 - Traveling to Dieng?  Buy These 5 Wonosobo Local Souvenirs

Travel Blog Indonesia have summarized 5 typical Wonosobo souvenirs that you must bring home, including:

1. Carica

Carica is a fruit similar to papaya. Uniquely, this carica fruit can only be found in Dieng, Wonosobo. So do not be surprised if tourists often make it a typical Wonosobo souvenir for their beloved family.

Carica is usually processed in the form of very tasty and fresh sweets. The sweets are then packed inside cup and bottles with different portions of contents.

Unfortunately, this carica didn’t last long enough. So after you buy it, try to consume it immediately so it doesn’t get stale.

2. Sagon

Interested in trying typical food as well as traditional food from Wonosobo? You can try the flat white sagon. Sagon is made from sago flour mixed with grated coconut. After that, it is baked until browned.

You can find Sagon anywhere along Wonosobo Street. Because this sagon is indeed a souvenir that must be brought home. The price of the sagon sold by traders varies, depending on the number of sagon itself per pack.

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You can eat sagon while it’s warm so it feels more delicious. Serve with a cup of hot tea so that the atmosphere of your afternoon at Wonosobo becomes even more beautiful.

3. Opak

You must be familiar with the name opaque, right? Wonosobo Regency is one of the opaque-producing districts in Indonesia. The opaque taste is also very tasty and crunchy, making you addicted.

The opak sold in Wonosobo is divided into two types, namely cassava opaque and sticky rice opak. The difference is that the glutinous opaque is mixed with grated coconut, while the cassava opaque is just plain.

The cassava and sticky rice crackers are formed into different sheets, depending on the seller’s creativity. However, these two types of opaque are most suitable when eaten together with noodles or fried rice.

4. Jerky Gepuk

Tired of eating noodles or fried rice? Try another menu let’s go that is beef jerky. This food is made from delicious processed beef. Usually it is most suitable when accompanied by warm white rice, plow chili sauce and sweet iced tea.

To get a box of beef jerky, you can go directly to the gift center in Wonosobo. There you can choose which jerky you want.

Dendeng gepuk is usually priced at IDR 100,000 per box. Pretty expensive hmm, but the taste is not lie, according to the price.

5. Mi Ongklok

The food that you shouldn’t forget while you are in Wonosobo is ongklok noodles. This Wonosobo stewed noodle is very popular among tourists.

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The combination of boiled noodles with special spices makes the taste of ongklok noodles hard to forget. Plus the splash of thick sauce makes you even hungrier.

The most famous ongklok noodle shop in Wonosobo is Mie Ongklok Pak Muhadi. A portion of Ongklok noodles is priced quite affordable. Adding two to three bowls is not a problem if you don’t feel full.

Read for Southern Route travelers, don’t forget to taste these delicious culinary delights!


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