Tour Guide, the profession for those of you who want to travel for free

Travel Blog Indonesia – Do you know? By pursuing a certain field of work, you can often travel for free, even get paid! One of the professions in question is tour leader / tour guide. Working in a travel agency company, bringing groups of tourists to various popular tourist destination countries.

But is it true that this job is completely delicious? Can you travel for free and get money? The blog asked Marlene Mariana, an individual tour leader who has been in this profession for about 4 years.

Starting from Asia, New to Other Continents

According to Marlene, when he just started working, a tour leader you will be given a beginner route, namely Southeast Asia and the duration is short. Like him who got the Bangkok route of 4 days 3 nights for his first trip.

Then gradually, he did will have assignments to other routes in Asia such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea and Turkey. In this phase, usually he still gets guidance local guide.

After feeling enough experience and assessment so far including good (no complaints, satisfying service), then he ‘upgraded’ and assigned to other continental routes such as Australia. At this level, it’s gone local guide.

Here is the challenge. What if you have never been to a country, but you have to be in charge of assisting guests and explaining about local attractions.

Meanwhile, according to Marlene, it is the highest level for a person tour leader / tour guide was when he was already assigned to American and European routes.

Promising Career with Fair Benefits

Surely this is what often becomes everyone’s question. Is an income tour guide is it big? Marlene said, the benefits of being tour guide is the opportunity to get additional income beyond the basic salary.

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So every time tour guide taking a traveling group, he will get a certain amount fee and commission. What’s more if they’re very experienced and get long-distance routes, of course benefit what is obtained is also better.

According to Marlene, the profession as tour guide including a promising career. Many are already 50 years old but still actively carry out tour groups. As long as you are physically strong enough to walk long distances, go through difficult terrain and be able to serve groups of 30 guests.

Requirements to Become a Tour Guide

“Must be patient, willing to work hard and resilient.” Those are the conditions needed if you want to become tour leader, said Marlene. You shouldn’t be mentally soft, because you will be dealing with a group of people you don’t know.

Those guests who have paid the service fee, whatever their request should be fulfilled as much as possible. While you are in a foreign country with a different language and culture. You also have to be prepared to be the one who sleeps the last and wakes up the earliest while on duty.

How, after hearing Marlene’s story above, are you ready for this profession?

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