Tour de Singkarak 2017 Will Be More Exciting and Merry

Tour de Singkarak 2016 (Instagram: @erbyaulia)

Travel Blog Indonesia – Surely you are already familiar with the 2017 Tour de Singkarak. The biggest international bicycle racing event in Asia has been going on for 8 years, since 2009. However, this year, it is reported that the Tour de Singkarak will be different, because the Tour de Singkarak 2017 is rumored to be even more exciting and more festive.

The Domino Effect of Tourism from the Tour de Singkarak

Tour de Singkarak has brought a huge domino effect to West Sumatra tourism, as it has succeeded in creating new tourist destinations.

Previously, Singkarak was only known for its Singkarak Lake, but now there are Carocok Beach, Gandoriah Beach, Padang Beach, Harau Valley, Kelok 9, Tiram Beach, Great Mosque of Sumbah, Peace Monument and Pagaruyuang Palace which seem to follow the popularity of Lake Singkarak.

Tour de Singkarak 2017

Tour de Singkarak, this international bicycle competition is carried out thanks to the cooperation of the International bicycle racing union (Union Cycliste International), Ministry of Tourism, Regional Tourism Office, as well Amaury Sport Organization who hosted the Tour de France in France.

The first Tour de Singkarak championship, originally held in 2009. In that year the bicycle race covered a 464.7 km track. The starting point begins in the city of Padang, crosses the city of Bukittinggi, Sawahlunto, Twin Lakes, and the bicycle trip ends at Singkarak Lake Pier.

The mileage of this prestigious bicycle race continues to increase. Initially, it only traveled 464.7 km with a total of 4 stages. Then the distance continues to increase, the number of cities that are traversed also increases.

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On the 2016 Tour de Singkarak, the distance reached 1,100 km, and passed through almost all districts / cities in West Sumatra. It is said that this year’s Tour de Singkarak will be even more exciting and festive. So, just wait for the next news!

The plan for the implementation of the Tour de Singkarak will be present starting on August 7, 2017.

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