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If you visit Southeast Sulawesi, one of the most recommended beaches to explore is Toronipa Beach. This beach is located in Konawe Regency. The uniqueness of this beach is its strategic location, which is at the eastern end of the bay which flanks Kendari City, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi. This beach stretches for 4 km directly facing the vast and beautiful Banda Sea.

The origin of the word Toronipa itself comes from the local language, namely Bugis language, namely “toro” and “nipa”. Toronipa means flexible nipa tree where this nipa tree grows along the Toronipa coast. In addition to the rows of trees that add to the unique impression of this beach, with these trees the atmosphere of the beach becomes cooler and very comfortable for relaxing with family.

Toronipa Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To be able to enjoy the charm of Toronipa Beach actually depends on the vehicle used and what day you visit. On the day weekdays (Monday-Friday) a motorbike ticket costs Rp. 5000-, and a car Rp. 10,000-. However if you visit on the day weekend (Saturday-Sunday) usually a ticket fee will be higher than weekdays.

For one car unit and passengers who enter Toronipa beach on weekends, a ticket and parking fee of IDR 30,000 is charged. So for visitors who enjoy the charm of Toronipa Beach using a large vehicle, it is highly recommended with family or friends because it can save entry fees. Under certain conditions, the entry fee will be calculated per person.

The route to Toronipa Beach can be said to be quite easy because this beach is quite close to the old town of Kendari. It takes about 30 minutes from downtown Kendari by vehicle. For those who come from Kendari City, just go through the Edi Sabara highway straight east until Jalan Ir. H. Alala ends on the Development Road.

From Jalan Pembangunan, continue to Jalan RE Martadinata, go straight until you find several symbols or road signs that lead to Toronipa Beach. Along the way, visitors will pass several tourist destinations such as Bokori Village, which presents natural beauty and a stretch of beach from above the village. Visitors will also pass street food along the way.

Tourism Object on Toronipa Beach

1. White Sand

Visiting the beach, of course we always want a beach with white and clean sand. Toronipe Beach is a tourist destination that must be visited if you want white sand. The white sand of Toronipa Beach stretches 4 km along the shoreline. The white and clean colors blend beautifully with the blue sea water and the array of colorful coral reefs that spoil the eye.

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This white and fine sand is very comfortable to use for activities such as sunbathing, playing beach volleyball, playing sand and others. This sand beach is very child-friendly, so visitors who want to bring children are highly recommended. The white sand of Toronipa Beach does not cause allergies to the skin and is not easily swallowed or entered into the child’s body.

2. Clean and Clear Sea Water

When viewed from a height or a distance, you will see a very beautiful gradation in the sea of ​​Toronipa Beach. The color gradation is due to the various algae that grow in sea water. However, if you look closely, Toronipa beach water is very clear and clean. Of course, beach water is very safe for visitors who want to play water and or swim at Toronipa Beach.

For those who bring children, make sure to swim in the afternoon when the tide is low and the waves are not too hard to make it safer. The clear water makes the contents of the sea like sand on the beach floor, coral reefs, seaweed, and small fish swimming clearly visible from the surface of the sea water. In addition, the coral reef features of the Toronipa coast are known to be varied and varied.

3. Unique and Shady Trees

As the name implies in the Bugis language which means flexible nipa tree, Toronipa beach is indeed filled with trees in most of its shorelines, especially pine trees. These trees make the beach look very shady and the air is cool. The beach is very comfortable to visit at any time because visitors can use the trees for shelter when the weather is hot.

Under the trees it is often used as a location for family picnics. By laying out a mat facing the beach accompanied by some snacks. Lunch under the Tonipa beach tree will be very memorable. The trees are also very beautiful to use as a photo background. Make sure not to skip the photo session as a memento of visiting Toronipa beach.

4. Coral Reefs and Sea Shells

When the sea water of Toronipa beach recedes, visitors can see the coral reefs with the naked eye. The diversity of coral reefs on this beach is so beautiful because its conservation is still perfectly preserved by both the manager and local residents. Visitors can bring unique coral reefs on the condition that they do not damage nature and bring only what is needed for decoration.

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In the afternoon, visitors will witness local residents starting to arrive looking for sea shells or what are called pokea. Visitors can also participate in looking for sea shells with residents. Residents looking for sea shells do not use equipment that endangers other sea creatures or do not damage the marine ecosystem so that the safety and sustainability of Toronipa Beach is maintained and natural.

5. Banana Boat

For visitors who want a different sensation by exploring the surface of the Toronipa coast, rent banana boatwill feel good. By reaching for Rp. 35,000-, per person, visitors will be invited to tour around Toronipa Beach for about 10-15 minutes using a banana boat that can stimulate adrenaline. Toronipa beach looks very beautiful from a distance.

Using the babana boat facility is quite safe because it is guided by an experienced operator. Visitors will be given directions and explained about the rules that should not be done while the banana boat operates. After that, visitors will be given a life jacket for safety. But there is no need to worry because banana boats only operate around the shoreline.

6. Sunrise

For visitors who want to enjoy the sunrise, there is nothing wrong with watching the sun rise from Toronipa Beach. Because Toronipa Beach directly faces east, the position of this beach is very strategic waiting for the sun to rise. To enjoy sunrise, visitors must arrive early so as not to miss. If you don’t want to be in a hurry, you can rent an inn closest to the beach.

After enjoying the sunrise, be sure not to rush home because visitors should not miss the joy of the sunny morning atmosphere at Toronipa Beach. The soft and white sand is perfect for morning activities such as sports or just walking along the shoreline. The fresh and clean air in the morning, Toronipa beach is very healthy.

7. Toilet, Rinse and Gazebo Facilities

With the toilet facilities and rinse room, it makes visitors more comfortable. These toilets and rinse rooms are provided by the manager or managed by local residents. The rinse room is quite comfortable for those who want to clean themselves after being satisfied playing with the water and sand of Toronipe beach. The toilets provided are clean and organized so it is very comfortable for visitors of all ages.

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The manager provides several gazebos for visitors. The gazebo overlooking the beach is very comfortable to use for resting, especially for visitors who come from afar. The wind and the rhythm of the waves from Toronipa beach will make visitors’ rest even more fun. Gazebo can be used for sleeping or as a place to eat with family or groups.

8. Culinary Tourism

For visitors who don’t want to be bothered with bringing food from home or want to enjoy a culinary tour of the Konawe area, make sure not to miss tasting the typical Toronipa beach food. Along Toronipa Beach, residents sell food, both specialties and snacks. Typical foods offered are pokea satay, delicious gogos, and waffle ice cream.

Pokea satay is sea clam satay with spicy peanut sauce. The sweet taste of shellfish combined with the delicious Toronipa peanut sauce makes visitors unable to get past the hunt for pokea satay. While gogos is a typical Makassar food served warm and sold along the Toronipa coast, it is similar to a Lemper with various appetizing fillings.

Do not forget to also provide seafood which consists of the catch of residents around Toronipa Beach. Fresh grilled fish with typical Toronipa spices is highly recommended as a perfect breakfast or lunch side dish. The breeze and the delicious grilled fish from Toronipa along with the typical spices of Southeast Sulawesi are guaranteed to make visitors unable to forget the deliciousness and deliciousness.

9. Lodging

Around Toronipa beach there are various inns ranging from hotels, homestay, or guesthouses that can be rented by visitors. The inn itself is an inn owned by local residents so that it is safe for visitors and foreign tourists. Lodging will be needed if visitors want to enjoy Toronipa beach in a few days, especially watching the sunrise in the morning.

For those of you who are on vacation or just visiting Southeast Sulawesi, make sure not to pass the charm of Toronipa Beach with its amazing natural beauty and spoil the eyes and mind. And there are many more natural tourist destinations that can be visited in Southeast Sulawesi. When visiting Toronipa Beach, make sure to preserve nature and not pollute the beach.


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