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Indonesia has a variety of tours that are worth visiting, ranging from Cultural Tourism, Culinary Tourism, to Nature Tourism. One of the famous natural attractions in Indonesia is beach tourism. Maybe the famous beach in Indonesia is located in Bali or Lombok. But who would have thought that on the island of Java, there is also an area with huge potential for beach tourism, namely Malang.

Because it is close to the South Coast of Java Island, Malang has various kinds of beaches. For example, the famous Three Color Beach. Opened in 2014, Tiga Warna Beach has started to become famous and favorite for tourists.

This cannot be separated from the uniqueness of this beach. As the name implies, Tiga Warna Beach has 3 different water colors according to its depth. This beach has 3 colors, namely red, green and blue.

Pretty interesting, right? For more information, see the following reviews.

Three Color Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Tiga Warna Beach is well managed and you have to buy an entrance ticket if you want to enter and enjoy its natural beauty. No need to be expensive, you only need to pay Rp IDR 10000 just for one person. For guide fees, you have to pay IDR 100,000 per 10 people for 34 hours. So if you come alone, you will be put in another group.

Well, what’s unique is that the number of tourists who come is limited. If the tourist quota is full, you automatically have to wait until the group that is already at the location returns first. This is done to keep the beach clean. So imagine how clean this one beach is.

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A few tips, it is advisable to bring your own supplies because there are no stalls on this beach. Then do not ever litter because you will be fined.

Tiga Warna Beach is located in Tambak Rejo Village, to be precise in the Sendangbiru conservation area, Malang Regency, East Java. To enter this beach area, you must have permission from Clungup Mangrove Coservation, because this beach is located in a conservation area. You can make a reservation in advance with the conservation manager or officer by calling 0812-3333-9889.

To go to Tiga Warna Beach, you have to take the route to Goa Cina Beach. This route is the route most frequently used by tourists. From Malang city, take the road towards Gadang, then to Turen. Then follow the path that leads to Sendang Biru Beach. After about 2 hours, you will see the intersection of two beaches, Goa Cina and Sendang Biru.

Take the road to Goa Cina Beach, then follow the straight road for up to 2 kilometers to an intersection. Then turn left to the Fish Auction Place or TPI. Later you will enter the village of Warna and here take the road to Clungup Mangrove Conservation, before the BRI bank.

So to get to Tiga Warna Beach, the rule is that you have to go through Clungup Beach and Clungup Mangrove Conservation. Well, in the Clungup Mangrove Conservation area, you can see the entrance to the Tiga Warna Beach area. From this conservation area, the road is rather narrow which can only be passed by motorbikes. The car must be parked in the parking lot 1 kilometer before Manrove Conservation and you will continue the journey on foot.

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Interesting things on the Three Color Beach

There are many exciting attractions on this Three Color Beach, including the following:

1. Beautiful and beautiful beach

As mentioned above, just to enter there is a quota for the number of visitors. It is certain that this beach is very clean. On this beach you can enjoy white sand with clear sea water which has three different colors. You can play in this beautiful water on the lips of the beach.

2. Swimming

On this beach, visitors can swim. You can even do snorkeling. If you don’t bring a snorkeling gear, you can rent it for IDR 15,000 per person. During snorkeling, you will enjoy the underwater scenery with beautiful coral reefs complete with marine life. But of course what is even more unique is seeing three different colors of sea water. Even with the naked eye the difference in water color is obvious.

3. Camping

Because you have to make a reservation in advance if you want to visit here, of course it’s a shame if you don’t spend the night at this beach. Visitors are allowed to set up tents on the Three Colors Beach. If you forget to bring your personal tent, you can rent it at the location for Rp. 25,000 per night and add another Rp. 25,000 to rent the land.

4. Trekking

As mentioned earlier, you will be charged Rp. 100,000 to rent a guide. Now this guide will be useful to guide you in exploring the Tiga Warna Beach area and also the mangrove forest conservation area.

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5. Jellyfish

Well, on this beach there are also jellyfish roaming. Don’t forget to capture this marine biota with your waterproof camera and don’t forget to always be careful because the jellyfish can sting.

That’s a review of the Three Colors Beach in Malang, East Java. Remember, you have to make a reservation in advance because the number of visitors is limited. Always keep the beach clean and have a nice walk!


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