This is the TripAdvisor Version of the Best Airline 2018


Travel Blog Indonesia – The best airlines are chosen for their exclusive services and facilities. Some international flights do provide a variety of different facilities according to the selected class. Passengers can choose first class, business class, premium economy class and best economy class.

From some of the best airlines in the world, it turns out that the choice of TripAdvisor readers fell on the following best airlines.

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Singapore Airlines – Best First Class Airline

The best airline from this neighboring country has indeed become a subscription as the world’s best airline with ultra-masimal service.

Singapore Airlines has a flight code (SQ) that serves various routes to more than 60 destinations in 35 countries in the world. This airline has several classes ranging from SQ Airlines Suite class, first class, business class and economy class.

To feel the luxury of the loung, of course, you can feel it when you are at its airport base at Singapore Changi Airport.

What’s interesting about SQ is the satisfaction of several passengers who have experienced flying with SQ even though it has been a long flight. Some feel satisfied with the services provided by SQ to passengers. Starting from comfortable seats, clean toilets, and champion inflight entertainment. Another advantage that is also considered is the serving of food, especially for Muslim passengers.

Qatar Airways – Best Business Class Airline

The airline with this QR code flight is one of the national airlines that serves flights to 145 destinations on six continents in the world.

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One of the unforgettable experiences using this airline is the comfortable seats that can be converted into a bed at the same time. So that the long flight using Qatar Airways has guaranteed safety and comfort while in the air.

The airline, based at Hamad International Airport, has an exclusive lounge called Al Mourjan. You can also find this airline lounge at London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

According to one of the passengers, this airline provides a more complete meal compared to other airlines of its kind. Some passengers also choose this airline because of its transit destination in Doha, which is known for its clean and modern airport.

The airline, which serves many routes to the Middle East, has a special place in the hearts of passengers regarding the food that satisfies its passengers. This airline also includes airlines that provide wifi internet services during flights. So, passengers can stay online while in the air.

qatar airways 1 - This is the TripAdvisor Version of the Best Airline 2018

Air New Zealand – Best Premium Economy Class Airline

Not all of the best airlines are from first class or business class. One of the airlines that has premium economy class is also an option for passengers who are mainly based in Auckland.

This New Zealand-based airline has a 24-hour flight service with 50 routes around the world including several domestic flights in the New Zealand and Australia region.

The airline has been widely praised for its friendly and helpful service to their cabin crew. Even though these airlines have affordable fares, they do not reduce their service to their passengers.

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Singapore Airlines – Best Economy Class Airline

Aviation seems to be one of the Lion’s specialties. From the best airports, the best airport hotels to the first-class airlines and the best economy-class airlines, this neighboring country has been completely destroyed.

Singapore Airlines was selected as one of the airlines that has the best economy class. Even though so far SQ is known as a premium airline, it still ignores services and lowers quality in economy class. Maybe that’s why some passengers are satisfied with SQ’s service in economy class.



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