This is the atmosphere of Eid in Turkey, the country's traditions with its special foods

Eid is only a matter of counting the days, what are your plans to fill this Eid moment? Every year, Eid is the moment most eagerly awaited by Muslims. All Muslims around the world rejoice in welcoming the day of victory.

There are so many traditions that are carried out and often invite longing. In Indonesia, for example, people are accustomed to doing the homecoming ritual to their hometown to visit their loved ones.

Not only in Indonesia, homecoming is also carried out by several people in other parts of the world. Call it Turkey, the country of Ataturk which is famous for its Islamic history. The country led by Erdogan has its own story when Eid arrives.

A striking difference is clearly seen between Indonesian and Turkish society. Even many Indonesian citizens who live there feel something is missing during Eid in Turkey. What are some things that are different from Eid in the country of Ataturk?

Eid al-Fitr in Turkey, you will not find a night of festivities like in Indonesia. If in Indonesia there is a parade filled with a variety of stunning takbir performances, then there is not. In Turkey, takbir is only echoed by large mosques.

You could say that the mosques in residential areas do not say takbir on the last night of Ramadan. The public will not hear these words of Allah easily, because they can only be heard faintly in the distance.

Even so, you can still take care of yourself at home. Some Indonesian citizens living in Turkey generally say takbir from the windows of their respective houses. Apart from the different traditions at the night of takbiran, there are also very striking differences.

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In Indonesia, it is commonplace to see Eid prayers being held in open fields or mosques. Men and women flock to the prayer location to perform the prayer once a year.

Don’t be surprised if you won’t see women praying eid in Turkey. Different schools of thought caused women not to pray Eid or tarawih in the Ottoman country. The number of tarawih rakats here remains the same as in Indonesia, namely 11 and 23 cycles.

Generally the women stayed at home or gathered around the mosque gardens. The men were seen praying in congregation in their best clothes.

A suit is one of the common clothes worn by Turkish men. Meanwhile, Indonesian citizens are seen wearing koko or batik clothes to attend the Eid Fitri prayer.

Female Indonesian citizens can visit the Indonesian Embassy to attend the annual Eid prayer. Apart from the Indonesian Embassy, ​​the corner of the Sultan Ahmet mosque or the Blue Mosque can also be used as an eid prayer place for women.

But as expected, most of the women who pray are Indonesian citizens. After the Eid prayer, people will gather around the park holding out mats. Like on a picnic, some families deliberately bring food from their homes.

Some Indonesian citizens also take advantage of this moment to chat together. They brought Indonesian specialties as a remedy for homesickness.

Fortunately, students who are studying, because they can be a little happy. Being away from family is certainly not a fun thing, but Indonesian citizens know how to work around this.

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Not wanting to drag on with the sadness of failing to go home, they prefer to organize gatherings at the Indonesian Embassy or other public spaces.

On the outside of the Sultan Ahmet mosque, you can also find some people giving Turkish delight and some snacks for free.

This tradition has been carried out from generation to generation, as a form of sharing on a happy day. One more thing, giving Eid al-Fitr angpao here is different from that in Indonesia.

If in Indonesia angpao is distributed after the Eid prayers, this is not the case in Turkey. Children would usually go around carrying bags right at the night of the congregation.

They would knock on neighbors’ doors while handing them the bag. The owner of the house can provide whatever is provided.

Usually homeowners will include candy, chocolate, money or nuts as gifts. Quite unique isn’t it giving angpao here? Not only red packets of money, children will be delighted to find their pockets filled with candy and chocolate.

After this unique tradition, the streets will be empty again from the hustle and bustle of normal days or weekdays. The homecoming tradition still exists in Turkey, especially in some areas where the majority of the population is immigrants.

People will go back to their hometowns a few days before Eid arrives. So, don’t be confused if you see that some of the streets are completely deserted. You will not find a single person passing around where you live.

When you visit a crowded center, such as the Blue Mosque or city center, then you will find another density of people.

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For those who do not return home, boarding a cruise ship across the Bosphorus can be entertainment in itself.

On the seashore, you will find sellers of various Turkish specialties that can be found easily. There are smoked fish, kebabs, or Turkish tea which are well known throughout the country.


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