The Unique Mosque in the Shape of a Kaaba is the Pride of the People of Subang



Travel Blog Indonesia – The timeline is now filled with pictures of mosques from various regions and from abroad. No exception is one of the unique mosques in the shape of a Ka’bah, which comes from Subang, West Java.

The Ka’ba is a sacred building that has become the mecca for Muslims around the world. The Ka’ba is a reference for Muslims who want to pray. For Muslims in Indonesia the position of the Qibla is facing west. Qibla direction is now more modern because it uses the help of GPS.

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The Ka’ba has a height of about 14 meters. The door is covered in pure gold weighing 280 kilograms. While the length of the key is about 40 centimeters. In their daily activities, nearly 1900 workers carry out the cleaning process for the Grand Mosque area.

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At-Toyibah Mosque, Subang is indeed different from other mosques which have a dome. This mosque is actually built similar to the Ka’ba building in the Grand Mosque of Mecca. The address of this mosque is Jalan Kalijati Timur, Kalijati Timur Village, Kalijati District, Subang, West Java, as compiled by Reservation, Tuesday (13/6/2017).

Its area is estimated to be about 2,800 square meters. Even the shape of this mosque has a section of the Hajar Aswad in the corner of the building, not to mention the Hijir replica of Ismail. From the color it is likened to the original Ka’ba building. The difference is that this unique mosque in the shape of a Ka’ba is not covered with kiswah or a cloth covering the Ka’ba but with wall paint and beautiful calligraphy decorations that surround the building.

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The Grand Mosque is usually full of worshipers from all over the world during the last 10 days of Ramadan. On odd nights, the Grand Mosque is increasingly full of worshipers who perform Umrah prayers to other sunnah prayers. Many yearn to see the Ka’ba again. It is not surprising that during the month of Ramadan, Umrah visa requests are usually closed to prevent pilgrims from overflowing from all over the country.

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