The Best Time To Extend Your Passport

Travel Blog Indonesia – Not unlike a driver’s license, a passport also has a validity period. The average passport is valid for up to 5 years. Unlike the driving license, which can be extended when the day is due. Traveler you have to know the best time to extend your passport so that it doesn’t become an obstacle in the future.

Under immigration regulations, the correct time to renew a passport is six months before it expires. It turns out that not without reason the stipulation The problem is that some airlines have a policy of only accepting passports that are still active for a period of six months before their validity period ends.

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Airline Responsibility for Expired Passports

If in the end the passport expires, it is the airline that is responsible for returning the passenger whose passport has expired, back to his home country. Of course, no airline wants to take on such a risk.

Standard rules in some countries are also very strict when it comes to passport expiration. For example, in America and India, tourists who come must hold a passport that is still valid for at least one year.

Some small things that also seem to be of important concern is to make sure that the passport page leaves at least three pages left when it will be extended.

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Best Time to Extend Passport

So there are two indicators that are the safest time to renew the passport. The first is from a period of six months before it expires and when the passport is left three to four blank pages, even though the expiration period has not yet expired.

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Currently, it will be easier to use an electronic passport with a chip implanted. The price of obtaining an electronic passport is far behind compared to an ordinary passport. However, in the future this electronic passport will be more widely used in some developed countries.

So, when do you know when is the best time to renew your passport?


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