The Beauty of Majalengka's Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises

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Travel Blog Indonesia – A district on the border between West Java and Central Java is currently being hit and discussed on social media, especially Instagram. This time the Travel Reservation Blog will summarize a list of tourist attractions in Majalengka that are currently being hit. Majalengka is a vehicle access, especially from Bandung going to the Pantura route. One of the special things, Majalengka has Mount Cermai as the highest mountain in West Java Province.

However, not only that which makes Majalengka special now. Majalengka now has a lot of untapped tourism potential. For example, in the Argapura district which has complete tourist destinations. Starting from the beauty of the Majalengka terraces to the panoramic beauty of the Hanging Rock Cliffs that match the popularity of the Keraton Bandung Cliff. As long as the government wants to improve its infrastructure, Majalengka can become an alternative favorite destination besides the city of Bandung.

The following Travel Blog Indonesia provides a summary of four Majalengka tourist destinations that are currently hits on social media such as Instagram.

Tilapia Lake Majalengka, Hidden Lake in Pasundan Land

1600355627 384 The Beauty of Majalengkas Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises - The Beauty of Majalengka's Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises
Nila Lake (@ bolangdekil /

Telaga Nila Majalengka has features like several lakes that are currently being hit. The clear water color is turquoise, able to reflect the shadow of the lush trees that surround it. Telaga Biru from Tatar Pasundan is located in Jerukleueut Village, Sindangwangi District, Majalengka Regency, West Java.

Before you are disappointed, you should come during the rainy season where the water debit of Tilapia Majalengka Lake is quite high. Because when the water flow recedes, the color of this lake will turn green. So, make sure you come at the right time to witness the charm of the Blue Lake in this Pasundan land.

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This Nila Lake has been quite popular on social media since the end of 2015. Some nitzen call it Lake Tosca, Blue Lagoon and the best known is Telaga Nila Majalengka. The lake water which is blue in color does have a very interesting charm, especially if you have posted it on Instagram.

Enchantment of Hanging Rock Cliffs Majalengka

1600355629 700 The Beauty of Majalengkas Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises - The Beauty of Majalengka's Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises
Rock Hanging Majalengka (facebook / Agun Priyatna)

The charm of Keraton Bandung Cliff now has its competitors who are still in Pasundan land. One of them is the Hanging Rock Cliffs of Mirat Leuwimunding Village, Majalengka, West Java. The location of Hanging Rock is not far from another tourist destination in Majalengka, namely Curug Gantung. The destination at the top of this hill is indeed not easy to reach, you have to try hard to get to Hanging Rock.

Majalengka Hanging Rock is indeed in a location that is not easy to reach. So, only a few travelers have ever visited it. Residents also realize that Gantung Cadas has tourism potential, unfortunately the location and infrastructure are not yet supportive, making it only for those who dare to make more efforts to come here. The road to be passed is not only steep, uphill and winding. It cannot be denied that the access to Mirat Leuwimunding village is not good enough. However, your efforts will pay off in full with the charm of the beauty of this Majalengka Hanging Rock.

The charm of Panyaweuyan Hill, Argapura Majalengka, Becomes a Travel Photographer

1600355631 587 The Beauty of Majalengkas Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises - The Beauty of Majalengka's Enchantment Never Forgetting Promises

The panoramic view of the Panyaweuyan hill will truly quench the thirst of photography enthusiasts. Why not, the charm of Argapura terraces which is a heritage is so beautiful to see. Not inferior to Vietnam or Thailand. Majalengka has a more beautiful charm compared to other places abroad. Panyaweuyan Hill is also popularly known as the star hill of Majalengka. In fact, the location of the Panyaweuyan hill is quite close to the Muara Jaya waterfall tourist destination.

This current hits tourist destination is not too far from the city center of Majalengka Regency. The distance only ranges from 20 km to 22 km. If the trip goes smoothly, it can be reached in less than 60 minutes. The charm of the beauty of the Panyaweuyan Argapura Majalengka Hill will be more interesting if you visit it in the morning before sunrise or in the afternoon when the sun will set.


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