Terms and How to Make an International Driving License


Travel Blog Indonesia – An International SIM is very necessary for those of you who want to explore tourist attractions abroad by driving. Calm down, making an International SIM is not difficult, it’s almost like making a local SIM.

But before discussing more in terms and ways to take care of an International SIM, let’s “get to know” first.

Written in the Regulation of the Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia Number 9 of 2012 concerning Driver’s License Chapter I, Article 1, Paragraph (5), which reads, International SIM is a SIM designated for motorized vehicle drivers to be used in other countries based on international agreements. .

sim internasional - Terms and How to Make an International Driving License

Requirements for Making an International Driving License

Based on information quoted from the website of the Indonesian Police Traffic Corps (Korlantas Polri), there are seven conditions for obtaining an International SIM:

  1. Original identity card (KTP) and a photocopy of one sheet. For foreign citizens (WNA), bring the original permanent residence permit (KITAP) and a photocopy of one sheet.
  2. Original valid National SIM and a photocopy of one sheet.
  3. Original passport that is still valid and a photocopy of one sheet.
  4. The latest 4 × 6 color photograph, four blue background photos (for men wearing ties and women wearing blazers).
  5. Rp6,000 stamp duty per sheet
  6. Based on Government Regulation Number 50 Year 2010, making a new International SIM is subject to a fee of IDR 250,000 and an extension of an International SIM of IDR 225,000
  7. For foreigners of embassy staff, must include KITAP or KTP or Diplomatic Corps ID, and attach a letter of recommendation from the embassy.
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All files mentioned above are in accordance with Law no. 2 of 2009 concerning traffic and road transportation, article 85 paragraph (50) The holder of a driving license as referred to in paragraph (4) can obtain an International Driving License issued by the Indonesian National Police.

The Process of Making an International Driving License

  1. If all the files are ready, the applicant cannot be represented, you have to come to the location of manufacture, namely the Traffic Corps of the Police, Bid Redigent, Subbid for Drivers, the International SIM service section. The location is located at Jl. Letjen MT Haryono Kav 37-38, Jakarta.
  2. After arriving at the location, the applicant takes the queue ticket and then waits for his turn.
  3. After being called, go to the counter then submit all the files. If the officer states that it is valid, the applicant is allowed to fill out the “Application for an International Driving License” which must write down a personal identity and an application for an International Driving License.

Here are the five groups, don’t make the wrong choice!

Group A : Motorbikes with or without trailers, special vehicles for the disabled, and three-wheeled motorbikes with an empty weight of not more than 400 kg (900 lbs).

Group B : A passenger car that can carry a maximum of eight passengers including the driver, or a freight car with a maximum weight not exceeding 3,500 kg (7,700 lbs). This vehicle may tow a light trailer.

Group C : A motorized vehicle used to transport goods with a maximum allowable weight of more than 3,500 kg (7,700 lbs). This type of vehicle may tow a light trailer.

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Group D : Motorized vehicles used to carry passengers with a number including drivers of more than eight people. This type of vehicle may tow a light trailer.

Group E : Motorized vehicles that are included in categories B, C and D and are allowed to tow a non-light trailer.

  1. After all the information has been filled in, the applicant must put his signature on the stamp duty.
  2. The next process of payment administration. For new production, a fee of IDR 250,000 is charged, if an extension is IDR 225,000.
  3. After that the applicant submits proof of payment to the operator at the counter for data collection and production. Before printing, make sure all the data printed on the International Driving License is the same as the official identity.
  4. After completion, the officer will carry out legalization in the form of a stamp and embossed. The whole process of making an International SIM is complete.
1600636756 512 Terms and How to Make an International Driving License - Terms and How to Make an International Driving License

International SIM Valid In The Following Countries

An International SIM from Indonesia is valid for three years. Can be used to drive a motorized vehicle in a country that also issues an International SIM, such as the following:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Greece
  3. Oman
  4. Albania
  5. Grenada
  6. Pakistan
  7. Algeria
  8. Guatemala
  9. Panama
  10. Andorra
  11. Guernsey
  12. Papua New Guinea
  13. Angola
  14. Guinea
  15. Paraguay
  16. Antigua
  17. Guinea-Bissau
  18. Peru
  19. Argentina
  20. Guyana
  21. Philippines
  22. Armenia
  23. Haiti
  24. Poland
  25. Australia
  26. Honduras
  27. Polynesia
  28. Austria
  29. Hong Kong
  30. Portugal
  31. Azerbaijan
  32. Hungary
  33. Madeira & Azores
  34. Bahamas
  35. Iceland
  36. Principe
  37. Bahrain
  38. India
  39. Qatar
  40. Bangladesh
  41. Romania
  42. Barbados
  43. Iran
  44. Rwanda
  45. Belarus
  46. Ireland
  47. Russia
  48. Belgium
  49. Israel
  50. San Marion
  51. Belize
  52. Italy
  53. Sao Tome
  54. Benin
  55. Ivory Coast
  56. Saudi Arabia
  57. Bhutan
  58. Jamaica
  59. Senegal
  60. Bolivia
  61. Japan
  62. Seychelles
  63. Brazil
  64. Jersey
  65. Sierra Leone
  66. Botswana
  67. Jordan
  68. Singapore
  69. Brunei
  70. Kampuchea
  71. Slovakia
  72. Bulgaria
  73. Kazakhstan
  74. Slovenia
  75. Burkina Faso
  76. Kenya
  77. Spanish
  78. IS
  79. South Korea
  80. south Africa
  81. Cameroon
  82. Kuwait
  83. Sri Lanka
  84. Canada
  85. Kyrgyzstan
  86. Christopher, Nevis & Anguilla
  87. Cape Verde Island
  88. Laos
  89. Suriname
  90. Cayman Islands
  91. Latvia
  92. Swaziland
  93. Central African Republic
  94. Lebanon
  95. Sweden
  96. Chad
  97. Leone
  98. Switzerland
  99. Chile
  100. Lesotho
  101. Sudan
  102. China
  103. Liberia
  104. Syria
  105. Colombia
  106. Libya
  107. Taiwan
  108. Comoros
  109. Liechtenstein
  110. Tajikistan
  111. Congo
  112. Lithuania
  113. Tanzania
  114. Costa Ria
  115. Luxembourg
  116. Thailand
  117. Croatia
  118. Macau
  119. Togo
  120. Cuba
  121. Madagascar
  122. Trinidad & Tobago
  123. Curacao
  124. Malawi
  125. Tunis
  126. Cyprus
  127. Malaysia
  128. Turkey
  129. Czech Republic
  130. Mali
  131. Turkmenistan
  132. Denmark
  133. Malta
  134. Uruguay
  135. Djibouti
  136. Mauritania
  137. Uganda
  138. Dominican Republic
  139. Mauritius
  140. Ukraine
  141. Ecuador
  142. Mexico
  143. United Arab Emirates
  144. Egypt
  145. Monaco
  146. English
  147. El Salvador
  148. Moldova
  149. United States of America
  150. Equatorial Guinea
  151. Morocco
  152. Uzbekistan
  153. Estonia
  154. Montserrat
  155. Vatican
  156. Fiji
  157. Mozambique
  158. Venezuela
  159. Finland
  160. Myanmar
  161. Cape Verde
  162. French
  163. Namibia
  164. Vietnamese
  165. Overseas France
  166. Nepal
  167. Western Samoa
  168. French Polynesia
  169. Netherlands
  170. Windward Islands
  171. Gabon
  172. New Caledonia
  173. Yemen
  174. Gambia
  175. New Guinea
  176. Yugoslavia
  177. German
  178. New Zealand
  179. Zaire
  180. Georgia
  181. Nicaragua
  182. Zambia
  183. Ghana
  184. Nigeria
  185. Zimbabwe
  186. Gibraltar
  187. Norway
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