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Teluk Awur Beach is located in Telukawur village, Tahunan sub-district, Jepara district. This beach destination, which is much popular as a hangout place for young people, is only 4km or about 30 minutes from downtown Jepara. Besides being suitable for hanging out, this beach which is still managed by the local community also offers the beauty of a calm sea with white sand which is now much cleaner.

This Teluk Awur beach destination, which is sloping with calm waves, is perfect for a vacation with family and community. Moreover, the entry ticket is also very cheap and even free on weekdays, guaranteed to be very satisfied. For tourists from out of town you also don’t need to worry, because near the beach there are also villas and hotels.

Entrance ticket prices at Teluk Awur Beach

  • Admission is free on Mondays
  • Entrance ticket Friday-Sunday IDR 2,000 / person
  • Entrance ticket for national holidays or red dates IDR 2,000 / person
  • The entrance ticket for Eid holidays or Syawalan week is IDR 10,000 / person
  • Free motorbike parking prices
  • The car park price is IDR 5,000
  • The cost of the toilet for bathing and rinsing is IDR 3,000
  • Rent a duck buoy for IDR 10,000
  • Rent a swimming tire IDR 10,000

The road access to Teluk Awur beach is arguably very easy and smooth, besides that there are also many road signs that lead to the location. From the city of Semarang, Teluk Awur beach is about 76.5 km or about 2.5 hours drive. Meanwhile, from the city of Kudus, this beach is about 39.6 km or 1 hour away.

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Both routes will pass through the Kudus-Jepara road, then pass the Pecangaan market, go straight until the intersection turn left towards Jalan Sunan Mantingan. If you choose straight at the intersection, you will go to Kartini beach, while if you turn right you will go to Tirto Samudra Bandengan beach. After passing Sunan Mantingan then keep going straight to Awur Bay.

Tourism Object on Teluk Awur Beach

1. Enchantment of White Sand with Mangroves

The stretch of white sand on the Teluk Awur beach is very comfortable for sitting on a mat with your family or community. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach while waiting and watching the children play in the sand there. Even your eyes will be spoiled by the exotic charm of mangrove trees which are not only as abrasion resistant but also as shade on the Teluk Awur beach.

2. The charm of Sunset

Besides enjoying the view on the beach, you will also be spoiled by the charm of the most enchanting sunset on this Jepara beach. The mirage effect will make the western sky above the Teluk Awur sea appear orange or reddish yellow. Coupled with the breezy breeze and calm waves, it creates a natural harmony that calms the mind.

3. Bathing and Swimming Facilities

The myth of the surrounding community states that Teluk Awur water is able to cure various skin diseases. This water is very clean, clear, and free from boats or fishing boats. The waves are also very safe for bathing and swimming activities. To enjoy it, you can rent a duck float or tires. Or you can also rent rides such as a Flying Fish Boat, Banana Boat, and Jet sky to navigate the beach.

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4. Fishing Points

In addition to supporting bathing, swimming, snorkeling and various boat rental activities, Teluk Awur beach also provides a place or spot for those of you who like fishing. So if you are approaching a weekend or holiday, you can invite the community to fish together while enjoying the breeze and the charm of the beach that soothes the mind.

5. Traditional Festivals

As with other beaches in Jepara, at the peak of the Syawalan week or one week after Eid Al-Fitr on the Teluk Awur beach, there is always a Lomban Party or sea alms competition. The Lomban party (bakda kupat) has become an annual tradition for the people of Teluk Awur Jepara as a form of victory after a month of fasting. Apart from being a tradition, the Lomban Party is also functioned so that it attracts many tourists.

6. Beachside cafes and restaurants

Even though most visitors to Teluk Awur beach are traveling with their families, it does not cover the fact that more young people stop by at this beach. Most of them gather with the community or a partner to enjoy food by the sea or just hang out at the many coffee shops that are standing on this Teluk Awur beach.

7. Lodging Villas and Hotels

For those of you who are from outside the area, you don’t have to bother looking for lodging that is far from the beach. You can use the upper middle class accommodation around Teluk Awur beach such as Ocean View Beach Resort, Jepara Beach Hotel, Jepara Marina, and Bayfront Villa. Even with all the adequate facilities your vacation will be even more memorable.

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If you are around Jepara now then don’t forget to visit this Teluk Awur beach destination with your family, community, or your partner. Guaranteed to be satisfied !! Apart from being easily accessible from the city center of Jepara, Teluk Awur beach also provides many food stalls and cafes that are suitable for young people to visit in the afternoon and evening to eat or just have coffee on the beach.


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