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Indonesia is a country that is gifted with abundant biodiversity and natural beauty. Talk about exotic beaches, definitely referring to the beaches in Bali, Lombok, Rote Island to Papua. But make no mistake, Indonesia’s natural and marine wealth is not only located on the islands which are already crowded with tourists, including in Pacitan.

The city of Pacitan is not only famous as a traffic jam spot during a long holiday or Eid homecoming, but it is also famous for its various natural nuances which certainly fascinate millions of visitors. Call it Buyutan Beach with the fairy tale crown of Dewa Narada, to of course Teleng Ria Beach which is famous for its sloping land and exoticism.

This 40 ha beach was originally joined by a neighboring beach called Tamperan Beach but finally separated or in Javanese it means given a teleng or separator. At Teleng Ria Beach, besides presenting natural facilities in the form of clear sea water, natural views of Mount Limo, big waves, rocky hills, soft sand to lush trees.

In addition, there are also other public facilities in the form of luxurious huts or pavilions with traditional ornaments such as puppets, paths with decorative lights that look like modern beaches. There are also luxury resorts and inns, prayer rooms, bathrooms, large parking lots to rows of restaurants serving seafood and a water park.

Entrance ticket prices at Teleng Ria Beach

To be able to enjoy the beauty of beaches, coral hills, blue sea, soft sand and pine forests as well as various public facilities there are only charged a rate of IDR 10,000 per person on weekdays while on holidays you will be charged IDR 15,000 which is a reasonable price and paid for natural charm and cleanliness of its beach.

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The standard price for parking is Rp. 3,000 for two-wheeled vehicles, while for four-wheeled vehicles, Rp. 5,000.

The location of Teleng Ria Beach is not far from the city, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes of travel or about 2.5 km with detailed locations in Pacitan District, precisely in Sidoharjo Village, which when visitors pass through the suburbs, the beach is visible because it is located right on the edge of a major road.

Visitors who come from Suarabaya can take the route from Mojokerto while those from Solo and Jogjakarta can take the Solo-Pacitan route. Visitors coming from West Java can take the Cipali toll road and from Central Java take the National Road III.

Tourism Object on Teleng Ria Beach

1. Spot swimming, diving and surfing

The beach waves are quite large and blue sea is also very suitable for swimming, diving to surfing, so it’s no wonder there will be many foreign tourists on this Teleng Ria Beach. The big waves here are fairly safe because of their non-dragging character when they reach the shore.

Visitors who do not bring surfing equipment need not worry because the manager provides rental equipment for diving, snorkeling and surfing with prices ranging from Ro 55,000 to Rp 70,000 per person.

2. Waterpark

The presence of a waterpark in the midst of the beauty of natural charm certainly complements family vacations, especially for children who generally like water attractions. Due to the large sea waves, the management took the initiative to build a waterpark complete with other water rides to entertain children at a rate of IDR 10,000 per person.

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3. Fir forest

Behind the cool air, of course, there are groves of trees. The grove of trees here is not a row of trees surrounding the shoreline but is actually an exotic forest overgrown with pine trees of various shapes. This evergreen forest is indeed formed and growing naturally which probably functions as a bulwark against abrasion.

4. Mount Limo

The thing that makes this beach look interesting and exotic is that it is flanked by Mount Limo and will look like the letter U when viewed from a geographical perspective. Visitors who have a love for extreme and challenging things are advised to be able to reach the top of Mount Limau with a gentle height and not too extreme.

When you reach the top, the atmosphere will certainly be different from the cooler winds. From above it can also be seen that the shape of the mountain flanking Teleng Ria Beach in the middle really resembles the letter U and shows that the position of the beach does look sloping.

5. Spot photos

For photography lovers, Teleng Ria Beach is of course highly recommended, especially in exotic spots such as rocky hills, waves when surfing or surfing because of its clear water, limo mountains to pine forests which have charming landscapes and are a shame to miss.

Teleng Ria Beach is not only in the form of a unique beach flanked by Mount Limo but also the clarity of the lake which is used for extreme sports activities such as diving, snorkeling to surfing and of course endless natural nuances.

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