Telaga Cicerem Kuningan, Lake Biru Famous for Social Media

Cicerem lake (instagram @syifarindani)

Travel Blog Indonesia – Cicerem Kuningan Lake is one of the leading tourist attractions which is famous for its Instagram social media. This lake which has clear, blue water is one of the millennial destinations that like natural tourism in the Kuningan area, West Java.

You will feel a cool and peaceful atmosphere when you sit on the edge of this Cicerem Blue Lake. During the day it feels late because of the shady trees. The sound of crickets and cicadas will start shouting when dusk comes.

Cicerem Lake, Fish Habitat in the Wild

One of the uniqueness and advantages of this Cicerem Lake is because it is a habitat for colorful goldfish. Like a mirror in a glass, you can easily see a collection of fish back and forth between the rocks at the edge of the lake.

The panaroma of perfect natural beauty starting from the cool air, shady trees and fish that make Cicerem’s pond more alive and alive. This blue lake has a depth of about 5 meters. So, make sure you can swim if you want to play on the edge of this beautiful lake.

How to get to Cicerem Lake

This Cicerem Blue Lake is located in Kadeuela Village, Pasawahan, Kuningan, West Java. Even though it is in the administrative area of ​​Kuningan City, the existence of Telaga Biru is actually closer to the city of Cirebon which is known as the city of Udang.

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One of the benchmarks for getting to Cicerem is the Pasawahan Police. From the Pasawahan Police there is a road that leads to the beautiful lake Cicerem.

Ticket prices for Lake Cicerem

As one of the leading tours in Kuningan, the revenue from this retribution is the income for the region. The ticket price is very cheap, only IDR 2,500 per person. A traveler can take selfies around the blue lake to swim using a float instagrammable.

The basic condition of Cicerem Lake has rocky contours and is overgrown with several green aquatic plants. If you want to swim, make sure you are proficient because the Cicerem lake is quite deep. If you are not good at swimming, just prepare a buoy for your safety and comfort, if you are visiting Cicerem Lake.

In addition to Cicerem Blue Lake, Kuningan also has a rocky hanging tour that rivals the Keraton Cliffs of Bandung.


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