Tapak Kera Beach, a hidden destination that holds mystery

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Travel Blog Indonesia – Lampung actually has many travel destinations whose locations are quite hidden and not much explored. One of these places is Tapak Kera Beach.

This place offers exotic natural panoramas with the presence of beautiful rock cliffs that can make you fascinated.

Behind its beauty, this Tapak Kera Beach actually has a mystery story, you know. Summarized from various sources by Reservations.com, Monday (03/04/2017) here it is the review.

The origin of the name Tapak Kera Beach

Apart from being called Tapak Kera, the indigenous people of the area also call this beach Penapa Kekha which in Indonesian means an imprisoned monkey. Why is it called that?

According to the story of the residents, this beach was once inhabited by a herd of wild monkeys. At low tide, they will go ashore to sunbathe, play and find food. The monkeys live on the island of Karang which is located across from the beach. Unfortunately, now you can’t find these monkeys there.

Mystical Stories in Monkey Tread

This beautiful Tapak Kera Beach has a mystery story. The local people believe that there also lives a white crocodile demon. This myth is increasingly believed by them with the presence of a rock that looks like a crocodile animal.

Therefore, they advise travelers to always maintain their attitude and speech while they are there.

The beauty of the Ape Footprint

Tapak Kera offers a panoramic beauty that can make anyone immediately amazed. The natural atmosphere that is still original will be felt. White sand, clear blue sea water, shady trees, and giant rocks will greet you while you are there.

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There is also a natural swimming pool that you can use for swimming or soaking. But remember, you have to make sure the sea water is not in high tide to maintain security. For those who like activities hiking, tracing the steep rocks on this beach can be a challenge for you, you know.

Enjoying the evening atmosphere on this beach can make your day feel even more serene. Don’t forget to take the time to capture the moment by taking pictures or selfie. You can find lots of instagramable spots there.

Location and How to Get to Tapak Kera Beach

Tapak Kera Beach is located in Kenjaru Hamlet, Merak Belatung Village, South Lampung. It takes about two hours to get to this beautiful beach from Bandar Lampung. You also have to do trekking for about 20-30 minutes because the road access is not that good. Even though it takes a struggle, trust me that your tiredness will pay off with the beautiful natural scenery there.

Tips Before Going to Monkey Site

  • Check weather conditions. It is recommended to come during the summer. Because, during the rainy season the road conditions will be very slippery and the waves will be high. You won’t be able to fully enjoy your vacation there.
  • Because the terrain you are going to go through is quite steep because you have to pass through steep rocky hills, make sure to use the right clothes and footwear. This is done so that you always feel safe and comfortable during the trip to the beach.
  • Bring enough supplies because there will be no stalls that you can find there.
  • Bring a trash bag. As a true traveler, of course we must maintain the beauty of the place to travel by keeping it clean.
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