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As a district which is located close to the capital city of Jakarta, Tangerang is considered to have minimal attractive tourist destinations. Even though Tangerang has many interesting tourist destinations, one of which is Tanjung Kait Beach. This beach is quite crowded with visitors both on weekends and weekdays, because this beach is well known by many people, especially for those of you who live in the Jabodetabek area.

This beach, which is located in Tanjung Anom, Mauk, Tangerang, Banten, is very unfortunate if you just miss it. There you can enjoy the charm of a beautiful beach and it has many advantages that other beaches in the Banten and surrounding areas do not have. For those of you who live in the Jabodetabek area, you only need to cover a distance of 29.5 km from downtown Tangerang.

Entrance ticket prices at Tanjung Kait Beach

Access to Tanjung Kait Beach, you are not charged a penny or free. So for those of you who want to vacation with a minimal budget and in a location that is not too far from your home, Tanjung Kait Beach is the right destination. You can visit this beach for 24 hours without any time restrictions. This is especially beneficial for those of you who want to hold evening events such as camping and bonfires with friends.

To visit this beach on the coast of Banten, you can take advantage of the inner city toll road which will free you from congestion and shorten the duration even more. If you are confused about getting to this destination, you can take advantage of technology with google maps which will guide you right to the location of Tanjung Kait Beach.

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If you are a tourist coming from Jakarta, you can take advantage of the two route options below:

1. Via Jakarta

Airport Toll – exit via Dadap toll – Jalan Raya Salembaran – Jalan Raya Kalibaru – Jalan Desa Sukawati – Jalan Tanjung Anom – passing through the waterfront road – housing residents – rice fields – Tjoe Soe Kong Temple Gate – Tanjung Kait Beach

2. Via Jakarta the second alternative

Jalan Daan Mogot-take to the right from Tangerang Juvenile Prison-Jalan Buroq-Jalan Dr.Sitanala-Jalan Jembatan Pintu Ten-cross the bridge-take to the right Jalan Sangengo Raya-Jalan Raya Mauk-Pasar Sepatan-Jalan Paku Haji- Kalibaru Street-Sukawati Village Street-Tanjung Kait Beach.

You can choose the two routes above depending on your current position. Each route has a different distance to get to the location. But take it easy, because your journey to Tanjung Kait Beach is barrier-free because it has been helped by clear toll access and travel routes.

However, for those of you who come from outside the city, you can use public transportation such as buses. You can take a bus from Mauk terminal to Tanjung Anom. After arriving at Tanjung Anom, you can connect by using a motorcycle taxi to Tanjung Kait Beach.

Tourism Object on Tanjung Kait Beach

When you arrive at the beach area, you will be treated to a very beautiful view of the beach area and the fresh beach air combined with the calm wind. This beach area also has several stages that jut out into the sea. Here are some facilities and advantages that you can consider when visiting this beach area:

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1. Having a restaurant on stilts

The house on stilts in the coastal area is very close to the sea because of its overhanging position. There you can enjoy the beauty of the beach by using this house on stilts while eating the food or lunch that you have brought. However, if you don’t have time to prepare food from home, there are many choices of stilt restaurants that you can choose to fill your stomach while looking at the view.

2. Spot for fishing

This beach does not have soft white sand and clear sea water, so tourists are very unfortunate not to be able to swim at this beach. However, some tourists do visit this coastal area to just fish and process it for burning with friends and family.

3. View the two radars

One of the additional points that keep this beach visited by tourists is that in this place you can see a very beautiful view to see the direction of two radars which are part of the National Army Radar Unit.

4. Bamboo pier

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Tanjung Kait Beach also has a pier made of bamboo and is usually used as a place for fishermen to transit with their boats. Some of these boats are often rented out to tourists to go around the beach or to cross to Untung Jawa Island.

5. The facilities are quite complete

To be exempted from retribution fees or entry access, this coastal area includes very adequate facilities. For example, with toilets, prayer rooms, a large parking area, rest areas, and food stalls.

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6. Adjacent to other tourist attractions

Apart from this beach, you can also visit various other tourist attractions that are close to the beach area such as Crocodile Farm, Tanjung Pasir Beach, and Tjoe Soe Kong Temple.

Not only does it have natural beauty that is still beautiful and has many facilities that are close to the local wisdom of the local community, but you can make Tanjung Kait Beach as a reference for your new walks and destinations. Happy holidays and enjoy the natural beauty presented by God Almighty!



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