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For those of you who love the beauty of the beach, don’t miss a visit to Tanjung Bloam Beach. The beach which is located in Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara, to be precise in the Jerowaru area, East Lombok offers a variety of beauties that you should enjoy. Apart from its natural beauty, you can find natural life and marine life there. Make it an unforgettable experience for you.

Entrance ticket prices at Tanjung Bloam Beach

To enter Tanjung Bloam Beach, it is enough to spend around IDR 150,000. The price is pretty good right? But worth the view you will get. If you think the entrance ticket is still relatively expensive, and you don’t have more budget, there are other ways you can get into the location at a lower price.

That way is by going through the Jerowaru forest. But only a few people know the path. You can ask for directions from local residents by providing a number of tips to guide you and your group. This method is cheaper than having to pay an entrance ticket. Prepare your stamina, because the trip to the beach through the Jerowaru forest is quite draining.

Tanjung Bloam Beach can be reached by using a motorized vehicle, either car or motorbike. The distance to Tanjung Bloam Beach from Mataram City is about 2-3 hours by road. The route is the same as going to Tanjung Ringgit, but before you enter Tanjung Ringgit, you turn right, entering a road that is not so wide, but enough for one car to pass.

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When you find a small pavilion, it means that you have entered the Tanjung Bloam Beach area. No need to be surprised if the road to Tanjung Bloam Beach is not what you imagined. Why? Because this beach is still pristine. Not many tourists have visited this beach, so that not many supporting facilities and infrastructure have been built.

Tourism Object on Tanjung Bloam Beach

1. Exotic Beach Views

The view of the exotic Tanjung Bloam beach is already reflected when you just enter the beach. The road is still dirt, gravel, dry and dusty during the dry season, indicating that this beach is not widely known and visited by tourists. When you go deeper, you will find amazing exotic views. The beach is surrounded by pristine rock cliffs. One side of the cliff or rocky hill is shaped like a bun, and the other side looks like a jutting out into the sea. Slightly large waves hit the rocky cliffs, making the exotic atmosphere of Tanjung Bloam beach even more intense.

2. Natural beauty of the beach that is still natural

Not many people know about the beauty of Tanjung Bloam beach, making this beach has natural beauty that is still preserved. You can freely enjoy the authenticity of Tanjung Bloam Beach when you visit there.

3. Beautiful White Sand Beach

Tanjung Bloam Beach is one of the white sandy beaches in East Lombok. The white sand on Tanjung Bloam Beach is still clean, free of trash, and also has a soft texture that will spoil anyone who visits Tanjung Bloam Beach.

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4. Clear Beach Water

Apart from white and clean beach sand, Tanjung Bloam Beach also has clear blue sea water, which adds to the beauty of this beach

5. Turtle Conservation

The rocky cliff that juts into the beach makes turtles happy to stop at this beach. So that currently Tanjung Bloam Beach is used as one of the beaches as a place for turtle breeding. Suitable for educational tours, and connoisseurs of the beauty of unspoiled beaches

6. Life of Fishermen Who Looks for Fish

Natural scenery is not only presented by nature, but the lives of local people who work as fishermen are still often seen going to sea to find fish in the high seas. This view adds to the natural feel of Tanjung Bloam Beach.

7. Endless Photo Spot

Beautiful, beautiful, exotic scenery, clean white sand, clear sea water, natural nuances of the surrounding community, and turtle breeding you can make your camera target. You can also take pictures with background the beautiful one. Not to mention if you climb a rocky cliff or hill on the Tanjung Bloam beach. You will enjoy the overall beauty of Tanjung Bloam Beach from the top of the cliff. Making you never stop capturing through camera shots.

So much is not what Tanjung Bloam Beach has to offer? So, what are you waiting for, immediately add Tanjung Bloam Beach to the list of beaches you are going to visit with friends or family. Tanjung Bloam Beach is waiting for you to enjoy its beauty and authenticity which will give a special impression on your mind.

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