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The number of beach tourism objects on the island of Lombok will never end, even not only beaches, beautiful hills are also tourist objects that are no less interesting on the island of Lombok besides Mount Rinjani. One of the beaches that is no less charming and is considered mandatory to visit is Tanjung Aan Beach.

Tanjung Aan Beach is one of the beautiful beaches on the island of Lombok. This beach has a unique sand texture, even the texture of the sand on the island of Lombok is the same as the grains of pepper. If you are walking along this beach, try to take off your footwear and feel like you are stepping on pepper grains.

Although the sand of Tanjung Aan Beach has a texture like pepper grains, it is considered fine sand. It is said that the white sand that is textured like pepper grains are coral fossils. Touching our feet will feel like being trampled by sand and touching the nerves behind the soles of the feet and of course it is very good for health.

Entrance ticket prices at Tanjung Aan Beach

For the entrance fee or the entrance fee for Tanjung Aan Beach, it is almost the same as for the location of beaches in Lombok in general, but here you will not be charged an entrance fee, but only vehicle parking fees. For cars, a parking fee of IDR 10,000 and IDR 5,000 for motorbikes will be charged.

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Tanjung Aan Beach is located in Lombok village, Pujuk, Central Lombok district. Or rather, it is only a few kilometers from Kuta Beach Lombok. To reach the location of Tanjung Aan Beach, you will cover a distance of approximately 24 km from the Lombok international airport and 62 km if you start from the city of Mataram.

The road conditions to get to Tanjung Aan Beach are fairly good so tourists don’t need to worry about the road conditions to this Tanjung Aan Beach tourist location. If you want to go to this beach from the city of Mataram you can pass the Lombok International airport route and head to Kuta Lombok.

After that you will meet the Mandalika Resort roundabout and you have to turn left. You will encounter several inclines, then you can turn right to reach Tanjung Aan Beach.

Even though it is quite far from the city of Mataram, you don’t need to worry about accommodation and lodging, because there are so many facilities that support your tourism activities such as lodging, restaurants and other facilities. And the location of Tanjung Aan Beach is very strategic because it is close to other tourist areas.

Tourism activities on Tanjung Aan Beach

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the natural panorama of Tanjung Aan Beach, there are several things you can do to enjoy more of the natural beauty of this beach, including the following.

1. Swimming and snorkeling

Tanjung Aan Beach has an ombok that is not big and can even be said to be quite calm among other beaches in Lombok. And the depth of the sea which is quite shallow around the beach allows tourists to carry out tourist activities such as swimming.

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Not only that, Tanjung Aan Beach also has the beauty of underwater tourism which is quite interesting, therefore you can do tourism activities such as snorkeling here, even though there are many stalls that rent out swimming equipment and snorkeling equipment around Tanjung Aan Beach.

2. Sunbathe and play sand

For some people, especially local tourists, sunbathing on the beach is not too exciting. However, not for foreign tourists, Tanjung Aan Beach can be their choice to enjoy the sunshine while enjoying the soothing wind.

In addition, playing sand on this beach can also be an additional activity when you travel to Tanjung Aan Beach, especially the sand texture of the beach here is very unique.

3. Surf

Even though the waves on Tanjung Aan Beach are quite calm, approaching the afternoon, the sea water will start to tide, making it very possible for tourists who want to do surfing activities here.

4. Relax on the beach

Your main goal when on vacation to the beach is definitely to relax, Tanjung Aan Beach can be the best choice for relaxing on the beach when you are on vacation in Lombok. At the Tanjung Aan beach, there are several seats made of bamboo and large wooden umbrellas with a roof made of straw.

Simple facilities like that allow you to relax enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Aan Beach, while enjoying young coconut ice.

5. Climbing Marese Hill

For those of you who love to do climbing, Tanjung Aan Beach location can be your choice, because besides being able to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the sea, you can also climb the Marese hill which is in this beach area. From the top of this hill you will enjoy the beauty of green hills like the scenery in New Zeland.

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