Tanah Lot Beach – Ticket , Routes, Photos, Visitor Reviews

All tourists, both foreign and domestic, always dream of being able to visit the Island of the Gods, Bali. Therefore, tourists should not forget to visit Tanah Lot Beach which is one of the icons of Bali.

In this place there will be lots of things that visitors can do. But before you start visiting, there is a lot of information that you really need. For example, regarding the price of admission tickets, the route to the location, and what things can be done at that place.

Apart from Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot Temple Beach is also the mascot of Bali Island. This beach is never empty of visitors. The distinctive feature of this beach is that it has two temples which are located on very large boulders and cliffs. The cliffs function as a bridge between the temple and the mainland at Tanah Lot Beach.

Price of admission and parking

Every tourist visiting Bali must come to this one place, because Tanah Lot Beach is the mascot of Bali Island. For tourists who want to enter the tourist area, they are required to pay entrance tickets that vary depending on age.

Adults are required to pay Rp. 20,000 and children will be charged Rp. 15,000. Apart from the price of the entrance ticket, tourists are also required to pay vehicle parking fees.

Four wheels will be charged a fee of Rp. 5,000 and the motorbike will be charged a fee of Rp. 2,000. Then the bus will be charged a parking fee of RP. 10,000.

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To be able to go to the location of Tanah Lot Beach from Ngurah Rai Airport, tourists are required to travel 26.9 km in 1 hour. This beach is located in the northern part of Batu Bolong Beach.

If you rent a vehicle and decide to drive it, then you really need navigation assistance from Google Maps. Regarding routes and roads, you can see in detail all through the place.

Attractions on Tanah Lot Beach

1. Visit Tanah Lot Temple

The temple is used to worship the gods who guard the sea. Under the temple there is a small cave in which there are many sea snakes. On the beach there is also a sacred snake which is black and striped yellow.

This temple is located jutting out of the beach and visitors are required to be careful when crossing the road leading to the temple. The road has a height that is easily swept away by the waves, so it presents a challenge for visitors who come.

After successfully crossing, visitors will be able to find various kinds of souvenirs around the temple too. This place is also very popular to be used for hunting sunset photos, so that in the afternoon before sunset there will be many tourists who come to the area.

2. Enjoy a meal at Dewi Sinta Restaurant

This restaurant provides tasty food at a fairly cheap price. This restaurant provides a variety of Indonesian specialties, such as fried rice, satay, fried noodles, penyet chicken, and so on.

There are lots of positive comments made by tourists who have tasted the dishes at this place. There are tourists who come from abroad or within the country. So in other words, the flavors offered by this restaurant are suitable for the tongues of many people from various parts of the world.

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3. Stay at the Natya Hotel Tanah Lot

There are lots of visitors who think positively after staying and trying the food provided by this hotel. The food provided is of many varieties and tends to be more western style. The hotel also provides desserts in the form of cocktails.

Apart from the good food, there have been many comments regarding the spacious rooms and bathrooms. Not only that, the attractive interior design makes the visitors who stay at this hotel feel at home.

This hotel also has a swimming pool facility that guests can enjoy. This outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by green plants which add to the beautiful atmosphere.

Rooms from this hotel can be priced starting from IDR 700,000 per night. The price offered is very similar to the services provided by the hotel staff. They are always friendly to visitors and always smile when welcoming guests.

4. Visiting Enjung Galuh Temple

Pura Enjung Galuh is one of the temples located on Tanah Lot Beach. This temple is built on a cliff, so tourists who come can enjoy the natural scenery around it very deliciously.

From this place, you can hunt for lots of panoramas that can be used as works of photographic art. This temple is also visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign.

5. See the Sunset

Seeing and capturing the sunset from Tanah Lot Beach is one of the most awaited moments for all tourists who come to this place. Photos produced when this moment occurs will be very amazing and instagrammable.

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You can enjoy the beautiful sunset while sitting on the sand or on the beach chairs provided in that place. You can also try to enjoy the sunset by eating a meal at a restaurant that is close to the beach.

6. Souvenir shopping

Whenever you visit a place far from home, it is customary to look for gifts that can be given to other people you know. Take it easy, you will be able to easily find places that sell souvenirs around the Tanah Lot beach area.

There are a lot of these places, such as PT. Puri Mutiara Tanah Lot, Great Souvenirs, and Bali Enjoy. All of these places provide various kinds of knick-knacks related to Bali.

However, if you are more inclined to buy t-shirts that have frills on the island of Bali, you can try going to Bali Enjoy. Apart from t-shirts, this place also sells various kinds of batik from Bali with very attractive colors.


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