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Blessed with natural beauty, Indonesia is well known as a world tourist destination. Starting from mountain tours, under the sea to beach tourism. Indeed, the most famous beach tourism in Indonesia is located in Bali and Lombok. However, there are other places that also have beaches with world tourism potential. One of them is Tamban Beach. This beach is one of the beaches that are favored by residents and the government of Malang Regency, East Java Province. The beauty of this beach can not only be enjoyed by domestic tourists but also foreign tourists.

Entrance ticket prices at Tamban Beach

On average, each tourist attraction certainly has a ticket to enter and enjoy the beauty of the tourist object. Likewise with Tamban Beach. To enter the beach area, tourists have to pay a ticket for Rp. 6,000, it’s not expensive, right? This price is quite affordable to be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach. In addition, the ticket price is of course used to improve existing facilities for the convenience of visitors. These facilities include prayer rooms for Muslim tourists, stalls and stalls to buy food and soft drinks, bathrooms to rinse seawater and beach sand, and of course parking lots.

Tamban Beach is located in South Malang adjacent to the Indonesian Ocean. Precisely this beach is located in Tambakrejo Hamlet in Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java Province. Approximately, Tamban Beach is 65 kilometers from the city center of Malang. This distance can be reached in 2 hours by motorbike and 3 hours by car. Access to Tamban Beach is quite adequate. If you come from outside Malang, there are many airlines with promo tickets that go to Malang, then you can use ground transportation to get to your destination. There are two routes that can be used to go to Tamban Beach. First, from Malang to Pakishaji then to Kepanjen, then to Gondang, Legi, Turen, Sumbermanjing Wetan and arrived at Tambakrejo, the location of Tamban Beach. For the second route, you can go to Bululawang from Malang city, then to Turen, Sumbermanjing Wetan and arrive at Tambakrejo where Tamban Beach is located.

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Tourism Object on Tamban Beach

Tamban Beach not only offers the charm of its natural beauty. Apart from traveling around the beach, there are several activities that can also make your mind fresher after busy doing your daily activities.

1. Fishing

For those of you who like fishing, Tamban Beach tours provide exciting fishing spots. You can fish with local fishermen and bring your catch home.

2. Boat tours

You can also enjoy the view in the middle of the sea by taking a tour boat rented by local fishermen. This boat can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers. Usually, this boat will take tourists to several interesting locations. This location includes the coast of Sempu Island, which is about 30 minutes from Tamban Beach, fishing spots, to the river estuary. To ride this boat, tourists have to pay a rate of Rp. 15,000 and Rp. 20000 for tourists who want to go to Sempu island.

3. Studying the history of Tamban Beach

Tamban Beach has a unique history. In the Javanese language “Tamban” means medicine or is also called tombo. Once upon a time, there were three kiyais who used this beach water for medicine. They are Kyai Ngastowo, Kyai Yaser, and Kyai Mangun. The three kyai fell ill when thirsty cleared the forest. At that time, there was only dirty river water. Even though it’s bitter, they still drink it. After that they ran out of options and finally chose to drink salty sea water. It turns out that the sea water on Tamban Beach has a fresh taste and is different from most sea water. Instantly they were as healthy as before. That is the origin of the name Tamban Beach.

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4. Overnight in a unique wooden inn

If you are looking for hotel-class accommodation, the location is quite far from the beach area. But take it easy because in the Tamban Beach area there are also wooden inns that offer various types of rooms. First there are rooms for 2 people which are quite elegant, then there are dormitory-like rooms that can accommodate 6-10 people per room, then there are wooden houses that can accommodate 150 people for one house.

5. Homestay in a resident’s house

Then there are other options in the form of a homestay house. Tourists can stay in people’s homes and of course at a cheaper cost. Of course, this homestay in a resident’s house provides a very valuable experience.

Are you interested in visiting and enjoying the beauty and attractive facilities of the Tamban Beach area? This beach is perfect for spending vacation time with people you care about, you know. Let’s start planning the right date to go on vacation with family and friends to the Tamban Beach area, guaranteed not to regret it. Have a good vacation!


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