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Kebumen Regency is indeed a paradise for natural tourist locations that are still beautiful. Not only mountains, Kebumen also has many special beaches that face directly to the south coast. The charm not only comes from the soothing blue sea, but also the beauty of each location that is still awake and will make the mind fresher and relieve fatigue.

Now the beach is still a favorite location for tourists who want to spend their holidays and weekends. Especially if the tourist location is still beautiful and the route is quite challenging to pass. Because most of these tourists want to feel a new atmosphere outside of the dense and crowded urban activities. So No wonder Surumanis can be one of the recommendations for beautiful beach tourism.

Entrance ticket prices at Surumanis Beach

The entrance fee to this tourist location is quite cheap, namely to be able to enjoy the beauty of Surumanis beach, the pocket you need to prepare is IDR 5,000 per person and a parking fee of IDR 5,000 for a car and IDR 2,000 for a bicycle. motorcycle. Quite cheap when compared to the cost of access to similar tourist sites with almost the same facilities.

Surumanir beach tourist locations are rarely visited by tourists, therefore the location is still quite beautiful. The facilities provided at Surumanis Beach are also perfunctory, in the form of places to rest that are instagramable or suitable for taking photos and capturing moments, places of worship, public bathrooms and also clean water.

Surumanis Beach is located in Pasir Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java. Surumanis beach location is also very easy to find, especially if you use Google Maps, the location is already listed on google maps, so don’t worry about getting lost. Several directions and road signs have also been installed to make it easier for tourists to get to the location.

Surumanis Beach is in the eastern part of Pecaron Beach. The road to Surumanis Beach is a fairly steep hill route. So if you want to visit that location, try to bring a vehicle that is healthy, strong and tough to overcome the hilly roads that go up and down. still follow the directions that have been provided at each side of the road or existing intersection.

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Now if you are currently in the city of Kebumen, to reach the location of Surumanis Beach you have to take the route to Petahanan Beach. Then continue towards Suwuk beach and then the route towards Karangbolong beach. Continue the journey until you meet the Ayah Beach route and then continue with the route to Pantai Pasir.

If you have found an incline with a sharp bend with an entrance gate that reads “Pecaron Beach”, follow it into the path. Then you can continue the journey by walking as far as 1 km towards Surumanis Beach, Ayah District, Kebumen.

Tourism Object on Surumanis Beach

Here are some objects that you can enjoy at Surumanis Beach:

1. The charm of black sand beach

Surumanis Beach has brownish black sand that blends with the deep blue color of the southern sea with a coastline of about 600 meters. Coupled with towering rocks ranging from small to large and breaking the big waves. The unique shape of the corals makes these rocks a unique and iconic photo background object.

Surumanis beach is surrounded by rocks, so the wind and waves passing through this beach are not big enough when compared to the beaches which are located in the southern region of the island of Java and also face the Indian Ocean. Because of its location between cliffs, Surumanis beach is a relatively remote beach to reach.

2. Challenging Routes to Beaches

The road to Surumanis beach is the same as the road to go to Pecaron Beach, but the route to Surumanis Beach is more towards the corner and more secluded. To get to the Surumanis beach location, you have to climb a beautiful coral hill, then descend it. During the trip up the hill, you will be treated to an unusual sight.

You will be able to enjoy the view of Surumanis beach and some of the cliffs on the surrounding beach through the hilltop access to Surumanis Beach. Not only Surumanis beach, several beaches that are located in a straight line with Surumanis beach will clearly see their scenery and charm. You can also capture the moment by taking a photo.

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The trip to Surumanis beach can be reached by walking along 1 km after the Pecaron Beach route. This is done because the condition of the hillside road is less likely to be passed by vehicles, especially large four-wheeled vehicles. Sharp and steep turns are a challenge in itself to enjoy this beautiful beach.

3. Spot Instagramable Photos

Are you an instagramer? There is nothing wrong if you try to take pictures of some of the photo spots that have been provided by the manager of the tourist location on Surumanis Beach. Why not, some spots such as wooden houses complete with colorful umbrellas and beach and cliff backgrounds of Surumanir Beach will make you amazed by their beauty and uniqueness.

The next spot is a cliff fence in the form of a wooden deck by the beach, where a place with a fence and a floor made of wood is located on top of a coral hill with a broad background and the blue Indian Ocean. Can hypnotize you to continue to be grateful for the creation of the power. But don’t forget to be careful when taking pictures. Try to keep your position safe and secure.

There is also a swan photo spot at this location, this photo spot consists of two pictures of geese made of boards and of course the background is the Indian Ocean which has large enough waves suitable for those of you who want to take selfies with your partner. There is also a wooden boat deck spot that connects several cliffs to the middle of the sea.

The thrilling sensation of being hit by the waves of the south coast sea in the middle of a wooden deck in the shape of a boat that was hit and hit against the rocks around the wooden deck photo spot. Those are some artificial photo spots that are deliberately prepared by the managers of Surumanis Beach for the comfort and satisfaction of tourists. How? Quite challenging but still cool, right?

4. Beautiful Panorama of Surumanis Beach Hill

If you want to enjoy another sensation on a private beach, you can climb the coral hills that surround this Surumanis beach. Several hill locations have been given access to climb them, so you don’t have to bother looking for a route to climb the coral hills, because there are already special paths that you can use.

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Some of the hill spots have parts that can be used as places to capture the moment by taking pictures. The towering black rocks and the view from the top of the hill which is full of exoticism and also soothing make the hills on Surumanis Beach a top recommendation after visiting the sand of Surumanis beach.

5. Private Beach Sensation

The number of visitors to Surumanis Beach, who are still not many and also a beautiful beach environment, you can enjoy yourself to make this beach feel like a private beach that you can enjoy the panorama at any time. Not infrequently, some people come alone or just with their partner, so they can have some quality time for themselves.

6. The Fun of Playing Sea Water

The waves on Surumanis Beach are not too big when compared to other beaches that face the Indian Ocean. This is because this beach is surrounded by several rocks that can break the waves, so that only small waves reach the shoreline.

Therefore, Surumanis beach is quite safe if you want to play sea water and bathe there. You can also enjoy the direct beach waves without having to be afraid of being swept away by the waves. However, it should be noted that do not swim or play in the water too deep or too far out to sea.

7. Travel While Relaxing Eliminate Fatigue

Sometimes nature tourism is very suitable with a calm atmosphere to get rid of all the fatigue of the self after activities with boredom in big cities. A beautiful and calm atmosphere can make you relax for a moment and make all the fatigue that you have been feeling disappear.

So, those are some of the reviews about Surumanis Beach. Not only this beach, there is nothing wrong if you also want to enjoy several other beaches around Surumanis Beach. For that you can also invite friends, family or partners to enjoy a beautiful and calming atmosphere together.



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