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Sundak Beach is located in Sidoharjo Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach can be reached about 2 hours drive from Yogyakarta City using private vehicles. The word Sundak itself comes from a story about a dog fighting a hedgehog.

So that the community combines the names of both to become Sundak. running around the beach and into a cave that is on a rock. In the cave the dog met a sea urchin, because the dog was hungry, the dog also intended to eat the sea urchin in the cave.

But the Sea Urchin still tries to defend itself by avoiding attacks and taking resistance against the Dog, but the Hedgehog fails to defend itself, the Dog also manages to eat half of the Sea Urchin’s body. Because of the fighting, the name Sundak came from, Asu (Dog) and Hedgehog.

Entrance ticket prices at Sundak Beach

The admission price is Rp. 5000, – / person. There is also a vehicle parking area, for motorbikes or cars for visitors who bring private vehicles to park their vehicles close to the beach. There is a prayer room that makes it easy for Muslims to worship at this beach resort so you don’t have to bother looking for a place of worship.

Prior to 1930, this area was still inundated by sea water. Even sea water used to soak the mosque in the parking lot and the cave in the rock. As time goes by, the water on the beach recedes which now we can enjoy the beauty of the beach with the name Panta Sundak.

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There are also bathroom / WC facilities, which are very much needed by almost all beach visitors to urinate or defecate, even if they just wash their limbs or perform ablution. For visitors who want to rest, a gazebo or stilt-like house is provided for visitors who want to lie down for a while or just sit back and relax, the rental price is around IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000.

And there are also food stalls that provide various types of delicious seafood and prawns as well as a souvenir shop, selling local souvenirs.

If you bring a private vehicle, you can just go through the road that leads to Wonosari or Imogiri. The road to Wonogiri is easier and bigger because it is often used by tourists who want to travel to the Gunung Kidul area. The road to Imogiri is indeed quiet but has a view that is no less beautiful during the journey, but the road is narrow because it is like an alternative route.

Tourism Object on Sundak Beach

1. Enjoy the beach atmosphere

You can sit in the beach gazebo that has been provided or under a tree on the beach, while enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere with the sound of the waves and the breezy wind or buying processed seafood available there.

2. Playing Sand

On this beach, you cannot do swimming activities because the water is shallow and there are many small sharp corals, you can play water on the shoreline and walk 40 meters to the middle of the sea if you are curious to see small coral sightings up close. Playing sand can also be a fun activity if done together with friends, family or a partner.

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3. Take a photo

On this beach there are also many spots for good photos, you can take photos as much as you like with your family, friends or your partner on this beach freely because the beach is quiet so you can more freely express your style or pose when taking pictures together.

4. Food tasting

You can also enjoy a variety of delicious seafood processed around the beach while waiting for the sun to set or just fill your stomach with your family.

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5. Lodging

Lodging, for those who want to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon, enjoy the view of the expanse of stars in the vast ocean at night and enjoy the cool morning air and the beautiful sunrise from the beach. But the only accommodation available is jasmine class hotels and other small hotels.

6. Freshwater Cave

To the north of the beach, there are hills of limestone and rock with a height of approximately 12 meters. On one of the rocky hills there is a cave or alley, you can enter it. To the west, there is a mosque and an empty room which is now a parking lot. In the east there is a rock with a cave, with a cave height of approximately 2 meters. There are natural wells that are used as a place to collect fresh water by local residents.

Because of the coastal history that has happened about dogs and hedgehogs, finally local residents can find the source of the water in the cave. After a long period of drought, this water source was found by the dog owner who was confused when he saw his dog’s body wet after coming out of the cave, because the dog owner was curious to find out the cave then entered it and saw that there was a spring.

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And finally the local residents can use the spring in the cave for their daily needs. The residents even have to install special pipes to connect the water from the cave to the residents’ settlements.

7. Seeing the Small Fish

The scenery on Sundak Beach is still fairly natural, with clean white sand beaches and clear sea water so that it becomes an attraction for visitors to come to this beach. If we walk out to sea for 40 meters, you will find small corals that are hiding places for small fish.

Hopefully in the future there will continue to be improvements regarding facilities, accommodation and road access to the beach, thereby increasing the interest of visitors to come to this panati once or repeatedly.



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