Stuck at Immigration, Unforgettable Beginning in Singapore


Travel Blog Indonesia – The body feels weak, tired and wants to find a mattress just to lie down for a short break. However, this agency is still sitting still with its legs stretched out in the Singapore Immigration room. Glancing to the right, a traveler The young man in a white T-shirt who was also in the immigration room gave a little smile with a face that began to wrinkle.

A little greeting and asking, it turned out that he had been in the room for more than an hour. In my heart is getting more and more uncomfortable, will it be that long I will experience in this room. From the start, being stuck at Singapore Immigration has been widely reviewed on various traveler blogs. This incident also happened to be the beginning of these footprints, especially since this was the beginning of the experience of going to Singapore.

This trip starts at noon after Friday from the City of Gudeg, Jogja. I had to take the first gateway to Singapore via Johor, Malaysia. This route is the cheapest option I have purchased. After arriving in Johor, the trip to Singapore was taken by bus Causeway Link yellow color from Larkin terminal directly to Kranji, Singapore.

Well, this is where the long-held footsteps at Woodlands Immigration, Singapore, after previously passing through Malaysian Immigration smoothly. The heart is still beating, when will this foot be able to step on Singapore soil which is said to be very advanced and modern.

Finally, a call from the officer broke the silence of the room, the officer ushered into a small room. There were two officers who were ready to carry out interrogations, what I experienced was still within the scope of the immigration standard questions there. Starting from checking passports, questions about the amount of pocket money brought, the purpose of traveling anywhere, and also about work.

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Not finished getting there, an officer approached the seat and more or less asked Chat about profiles and activities in Indonesia. Because the officer was fluent in Indonesian, I finally answered the questions he asked me. While glancing traveler next door waiting for the process in the room to finish.

Still excited, it’s been almost an hour waiting. A security burly body called and told me to follow where he stepped. Oh, how come this heart is getting a big question mark. All is well, while praying that nothing bad will happen. Then we went up elevator, and a moment later elevator open, the officer with a body similar to Ade Rai said, “This is your passport, Welcome to Singapore!

Yeay, the body that had been limp was back in good shape and then I continued on to Kranji by the yellow bus, even though the number plates were different. I was so tired, that night eating nasi lemak was delicious at the Kranji MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station, Singapore.

This time I used it Ez-Link Card, a loan from a favorite brother who has already experienced riding the MRT here. There are two ways to get on the MRT, namely Ez-Link Card or Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) which has different facilities on each card. Finish doing top up card Ez-Link for 10 Singapore dollars, around 9 pm the MRT takes this footstep to the Aljunied MRT station in Red District, Geylang.

One month earlier, I had booked a room in a hostel through the website online booking, The inn is called Kallang River which is in the form of a dormitory, where one room can be filled with 6-8 beds. After doing check-in, that night I used it to rest after a day on the road.

1. Get lost into the Victoria Theater

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Initially, the Victoria Theater was not included in the destination, but getting lost became a different story. After getting up early and packing up, the trip begins with a walk to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) on Sentosa Island. After getting tired of traveling around, travel then plan accordingly itinerary proceed to Merlion Park. It’s incomplete to Singapore if you haven’t taken a photo here, he said.

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Starting from the MRT Harbourfront (Basement Mall Vivo City), the next destination is Raffles Place MRT using the green line MRT or Green Line. After arriving, somehow the notes that had been written earlier weren’t as expected. Look right and left, there is no visible statue of the iconic lion. Most likely, took the wrong way out of the MRT station. Instead of being confused, this leg was still carried forward while looking for people around to ask questions.

Merlion Park is still in search, suddenly from a distance looks a very cool and majestic building. Victoria Theater, a building with white paint which is said to be one of the oldest colonial heritage buildings and was built in 1862. It looks up close to a clock tower and its architectural dressing is really cool, and that day is also taking place the Singapore Writers Festival. Maybe this could be called a fun stray.

2. Enjoy the coolness of Gardens Bay The Bay and Marina Bay Sands mall

1600992766 736 Stuck at Immigration Unforgettable Beginning in Singapore - Stuck at Immigration, Unforgettable Beginning in Singapore

After the Merlion Park I found and took photos for mementos. The next destination is Gardens Bay The Bay, a place with a collection of rare plants, and also the Supertree Grove which is very dear to miss. In addition, I took this opportunity to climb a 128 meter long suspension bridge.

Apparently, getting to this place was not as easy as previously imagined. The many aisles and directions made me confused after getting off at Marina Bay MRT Station. As a result, for about an hour stuck in the Marina Bay Sand Mall, I encountered many interesting things such as the Mall’s front yard and beautiful relaxing places to explore.

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3. Admire the Dome Mas Sultan Mosque

1600992770 146 Stuck at Immigration Unforgettable Beginning in Singapore - Stuck at Immigration, Unforgettable Beginning in Singapore

As recommended by several friends who have visited Singapore, the Sultan Mosque was suggested to be one of the places I must visit. This mosque with a golden dome is one of the biggest mosques there, and finally I included it in the next destination list after being satisfied touring in Garden Bay The Bay.

MRT stop to Sultan Mosque at Bugis MRT Station. However, this mosque is not too close to the station, you still have to walk about ten minutes. I’ve been preparing for a long time, as well as praying and enjoying nasi lemak while brewing a glass of milk at the Kampong Glam Cafe near the mosque.

Uniquely, the guest book for this mosque is not written by tourists from Indonesia. At that time I also asked Pak Yusuf, the mosque guard who has served for 40 years. The answer made me smile a little. “If Indonesians fill in the guest book in this book, it won’t be a full month because so many Indonesians visit the Sultan Mosque,” said Pak Yusuf. The architecture of the Sultan Mosque building is very nice, clean and inside looks magnificent with a capacity of around five thousand worshipers.

This mosque is the final destination in Singapore before continuing on to a neighboring country, Malaysia. The experience of traveling alone, especially abroad, provides a lot of new lessons. Careful preparation, starting from a clear itinerary, budget calculations, accommodation and transportation that must be prepared in advance, and also not lazy to find information related to the destination country through a travel blog, for example. Many new things can be found during the trip, new interactions and cultures become the atmosphere.

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